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xneelo provides reliable hosting for your business. With a stable network and 24/7 support, we ensure that your website stays up, stays fast and stays supported.

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ModSecurity: Helping to keep your site safe behind the scenesModSecurity is a web application firewall that monitors traffic to your website for malicious activity in real-time. It does this through a set of rules that detect and block the most important website attacks. ModSecurity is active on all our Web Hosting packages and our Managed Servers. Providing you with a secure hosting service is our top priority. 16 Apr 2020 Read more

Our DNS tool now allows for accurate bulk updatesManaging your DNS records just got simpler - and more accurate - with the new Advanced edit feature in our Manage DNS tool. It's one of the features found in our new xneelo Control Panel. 7 Apr 2020 Read more

5 new features you can expect from WordPress 5.4The highly-anticipated release of WordPress 5.4 is slated for March 31st, 2020. With it will come some exciting new features and improvements. Whether you love or hate change, knowing what to expect can help you prepare. 1 Apr 2020 Read more

Our energy-efficient data centre saves you moneyDespite the warm summer months, the implementation of loadshedding and continuous customer growth, xneelo's Samrand Data Centre keeps its cool. While an energy-efficient data centre is significant from an environmental perspective, it also saves our customers money. By keeping the running costs of our data centre to a minimum, we're able to offer our customers the most cost-effective service possible. 23 Mar 2020 Read more

5 WordPress secrets that will make your life easierWe asked experienced WordPress developer, Jonathan Bossenger, to share a few WordPress tips and tricks that make the platform even easier to use. Here's what he had to say. 23 Mar 2020 Read more

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