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Uncovering actionable insights amidst chronic information overload(also, why skilled researchers are more important now than ever before!) 7 Mar 2017 Read More >>
imagineNATION Alliance stays true to Ballantine'sThis year you're going to see something on your TV screens that you haven't seen before. No, not season two of Stranger Things or season seven of GOT, you'll have to wait till next year for those. We're talking about a hot new campaign for Ballantine's, one of the fastest-growing whisky brands in South Africa. 7 Sep 2016 Read More >>
ovatoyou's mobile research app takes a snapshot of life as a bloggerIn an effort to better understand South African bloggers, ovatoyou - an intuitive mobile app that captures insight via photo or text - recently ran a dipstick survey to find out more about their personal likes and dislikes, blogging habits, as well as to find out how brands and marketers can work (better) with them. 10 Jun 2014 Read More >>
Deep consumer insight is the real competitive edge for your businesses and your brandOf course we all know this, it is Marketing 101, but a look at this year's Cannes reel made me think of precisely why we can never lose sight of this as marketers. Understanding our consumer is key not only to the way that we construct our offer, but also to the way we communicate this offer in the market. But what is the insight we are after? We all know consumers are notoriously bad at picking packaging or choosing a logo so how do we ensure that they are at the heart of our business and that we do get that competitive edge? 24 Oct 2012 Read More >>