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VehicleFacts minimises the risk to dealerships in trading in cloned or stolen vehicles by validating the original identity of the vehicle whilst complying with the Second-Hand Goods Act.
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It's easy for dealerships to register with VehicleFacts!Registering with VehicleFacts is an easy process and one which will ultimately protect dealerships against fraudulent transactions. 2 Sep 2019 Read more

4 ways in which microdots can help dealerships!Microdots give vehicles their own DNA enabling dealerships to validate vehicles before money is exchanged on trade-ins. 5 Aug 2019 Read more

Yet another cloned vehicle is sold by a dealership!To avoid being conned into buying a cloned vehicle, dealerships should validate the original identity of the vehicle being traded using VehicleFacts. 3 Jul 2019 Read more

Dealerships need to get compliant and protect themselves!To comply with the Second Hand Goods Act, all motor vehicle dealerships active in receiving and/or selling second-hand vehicles must record the microdot number of the item being traded. 30 May 2019 Read more

VehicleFacts - Giving dealerships protection against fraudulent transactions!It's a reality - Motor dealerships are more frequently becoming victims of fraudulent transactions - a situation that can be avoided by validating the original identity of the vehicle being traded. 3 May 2019 Read more

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