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Trialogue is one of only a few consultancies in South Africa that focus exclusively on corporate responsibility issues. Over 17 years of experience puts us at the forefront of new developments in sustainability and corporate social investment (CSI).
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Reengineering education in a changing landscapeWhen the Covid-19 pandemic arrived on our shores earlier this year, Old Mutual's seven-year Education Flagship Project (OMEFP) had come to a close (in December 2019), and we were applying our minds to a new strategy for our CSI work in education. Because our funds were not yet committed to any specific programmes, we were in a position to be exceptionally responsive to the crisis and able to allocate the funds to much-needed Covid-19 relief efforts. 30 Jun 2020 Read more

Participate in the Trialogue NPO survey on the state of CSI in South Africa and stand the chance to win a full-page adTrialogue is a responsible business consultancy and publishes the annual Trialogue Business in Society Handbook - the leading publication on corporate social investment in South Africa, providing reliable data and thought leadership that contributes to deepened understanding of, and impact in, development. 9 Jun 2020 Read more

The impact of Covid-19 on the non-profit sectorThere are more than 220,000 non-profit organisations (NPOs) registered with the Department of Social Development, and many are at the coalface of the Covid-19 response as they provide relief services, including food, water and medical supplies, to millions of vulnerable citizens. With these NPOs dependent on funding and donations to bolster their operations, a significant challenge lies ahead, particularly amidst a struggling economy. Many NPOs are experiencing or anticipating funding cuts, even as demand for their assistance increases. 28 May 2020 Read more

React-adapt-rebuild: Tiered corporate social investment responses to Covid-19Corporate South Africa's response to the social impact of the pandemic has been varied, with some companies stepping up to the plate early with vigour and leadership, and others - unsure about the long-term impact of the crisis on their bottom lines, as well as on society at large - responding with measure. Responsible business consultancy, Trialogue, advocates for companies to respond to the crisis by applying their core business competencies as well as their social investments to emergency and long-term social support. A Trialogue, corporate social investment (CSI) forum, hosted online on 21 April 2020, profiled corporate response options and case studies on the impact that Covid-19 has on social investments. 27 May 2020 Read more

How can companies achieve a lasting impact in the coronavirus crisis?Over the past few weeks, we have seen big business stepping up to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. While financial support is laudable and much needed - NPO Candid estimates that $1.9bn had been spent on coronavirus relief by private entities all over the world as at early April - demand is always going to exceed supply during such a crisis. No amount of money will ever be enough. This point is illustrated by the fact that Johann Rupert's well-intentioned R1bn Sukuma Relief Programme shut down temporarily after just a few days due to oversubscription by small businesses in search of relief. 26 May 2020 Read more

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