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With over 30 years' experience in probiotics, coupled with continual research and new product development, ProVen is one of the world's most respected producers of probiotics.
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Know your gut, support your gutUnderstanding the gut and knowing how it works to help your body operate daily can save you a lot of stress. The gut (gastrointestinal tract) is the long tube that starts at the mouth and ends at the back passage (anus). The gut processes food - from the time it is first eaten until it is either absorbed by the body or passed out as stools (faeces).1 21 Oct 2019 Read more

How your child can benefit from probioticsA balanced immune and digestive system starts with providing adequate healthcare for your child from a very early stage. Adding good bacteria to the body can help create a balanced system and saves you money on those frequent trips to the doctor or pharmacy. 11 Sep 2019 Read more

ProVen Probiotics launches in South AfricaThe world's most respected producers of probiotics, ProVen, is now available in South Africa! ProVen Probiotics are a revolutionary new range of probiotics products designed to suit everyone. Our probiotic products are designed for ease of use and daily support for each lifestage from pregnancy and newborn babies to maturity. Clinical studies have shown ProVen Probiotics may help to support mood, digestion, immunity and athletic performance. 5 Aug 2019 Read more

Why should I take probiotics alongside antibiotics?There are many different types of antibiotics. Some are broad-spectrum, meaning that they act on a wide range of disease-causing bacteria. Others are designed to kill certain species of bacteria. 24 Jan 2019 Read more

Signs of an unhealthy gut and how to heal itMany health issues have been linked to problems in the gut - ranging from digestive issues such as bloating, gas and diarrhoea, to food allergies or sensitivities, depression, anxiety and other mood issues, skin issues such as eczema and more serious health issues such as diabetes and autoimmune disease. 16 Jan 2019 Read more

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