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The challenges of social/collaborative learning tackled by L&D experts from Google, Volvo, Blinkist

L&D thought leaders from Google, Volvo or Blinkist will address the opportunities and challenges of social/collaborative learning during a free online event L&D Meetup #SocialCollaborativeLearning.
86% of L&D professionals around the globe believe people are more engaged when learning in a social/collaborative way and 91% think that employees who learn together become more successful, says LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report 2021. This trust in social/collaborative learning is well founded in research. According to Harvard Business School research, the completion rate of social/collaborative learning programs is 85% higher. The numbers are compelling and the opportunities for the future of work promising. Yet this does not come without its challenges for L&D.

On 22, 23 and 24 June, global experts will address the most difficult issues in social/collaborative learning and will show how to best take advantage of the opportunities:
  • Designing learning communities, the topic will be presented by Matthew Murray, Leslie Powell and Brad Kemp – Digital Learning Design, Organisational Development and Learning Experience experts from Google.

  • Maximising the impact of microlearning the advice will be delivered by Hamira Riaz, VP Strategic Leadership at Volvo.

  • Collaborative learning formats in the new, remote work times, namely, how is social/collaborative learning done at Blinkist by Edward Leach, Well-being Specialist, Vilmalotta Ala-Tuuhonen, Senior People Development Specialist and Anna-Lisa Obermann, Director of People & Workplace in the company.

  • Lifelong/continuous learning, namely, how to practice it in simple steps. The keynote will be presented by Sylwia Górska-Przytulska, Global Learning and Development Leader.

The challenges of social/collaborative learning tackled by L&D experts from Google, Volvo, Blinkist

The agenda of the event also includes topics such as experiential learning, future of work and social/collaborative, self-determined learning from speakers from Netguru or HCM Deck.

“In my experience, and I suppose many experts would agree, collaborative social learning is an integral part of a complementary L&D strategy. We live in times of rapidly decreasing 'expiration date' of knowledge and so it is critical that we leverage the individual and the collective team and cross-team knowledge and experience when collaborating on company outcomes,” says Dorota Piotrowska, VP of People and Organisation Development at HCM Deck.

“Yet many L&D professionals may feel overwhelmed by the task of redesigning the social/peer2peer, the structured and the on the job learning in the new hybrid reality. I'm sure the L&D Meetup, hosting many great experts from renowned organisations, will help L&D vested professionals take ownership of (re)designing collaborative social learning and bringing learning culture and strategy into a new, hybrid future-proof level.”

The event’s format reflects one of the ingredients of successful social/collaborative learning – learning in the flow of work. The online conference will span through three days, with three keynotes delivered every day, so that the participants can align their workday with the event and focus on the topics that interest them most.

The L&D Meetup #SocialCollaborativeLearning starts on 22 June at 9:30am CEST. Participation in the event is free of charge. Register here.

About the organiser

HCM Deck enables large companies to shift to a people-centric and agile approach across the whole employee development journey. Thanks to enterprise-grade solutions embedded into user management, roles, and permissions, companies can create a top-notch employee experience at scale.

HCM Deck's platform empowers enterprise business and HR management to achieve better efficiency and ROI on talent management investments and increase employee engagement through a better experience. With HCM Deck, companies can build a culture of learning and improvement, align L&D and employee growth, scale learning and employee development, and achieve business KPIs.

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The challenges of social/collaborative learning tackled by L&D experts from Google, Volvo, Blinkist

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