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Prioritising safety while delivering with Uber Eats

From picking up orders and delivering to hungry customers to knowing when to call for assistance, Uber Eats is always finding ways to help make every delivery as stress-free as possible.
Prioritising safety while delivering with Uber Eats

We continue to build our technology with safety in mind. Here are just a few ways we do this:

Checks and balances

We require delivery-drivers to follow a stringent onboarding process before they can deliver with the Uber Eats app. As part of our commitment to safety, we have started the process of implementing vehicle inspections on all vehicles registered on the app, in addition to our standard onboarding process. All vehicles when on-boarded must also have an RSA vehicle licence disc.

With South Africa now in Level 1, we are actively working to better our support and onboarding process as well as streamlining the vehicle inspections. We are engaging with the government on both the local and national levels to clear any backlogs on their end for both drivers and delivery-partners.

Road safety

All Uber Eats delivery-partners are covered by Injury Protection, from Chubb Insurance South Africa Limited - this is from the moment they accept a delivery request, right through to when the delivery is completed.

Prioritising safety while delivering with Uber Eats
We also require all motorbike delivery-partners to wear helmets in accordance with the law, as well as reflective jackets which have been provided by Chubb.

South Africa’s weather patterns can be unpredictable, which is why we monitor weather conditions. Depending on the forecast, we may inform delivery-partners that the conditions may be hazardous and remind them of the importance of taking extra care when they're making deliveries. We may operate on a limited basis in an area experiencing bad weather conditions and provide useful tips to help prioritize their safety on the roads.

Delivery-partners who use the Uber Eats app are independent operators who choose when and where they operate. If they are not comfortable driving or delivering in certain areas or during bad weather conditions, they're completely free to go offline and come back online when they choose.

Help at the touch of a button

Prioritising safety while delivering with Uber Eats
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Couriers have access to a safety toolkit in the driver app where they have access to the in-app emergency button to call a third-party security company. They can also share their trip with friends and family to track the location and status of the trip. Included in the driver app is a safety and security help node that has details around the Injury Protection policy available to couriers, which also offers couriers an easy way to claim in-app.

We are also excited to announce our latest safety feature, known as emergency contacts, that will be used by Uber’s incident response team to contact the courier's relatives in case of an accident and/or for insurance purposes.
While Covid-19 has changed how certain things happen, we have ensured that our virtual communication remains strong. We send out regular communications on safety tips, driver features and updates through our virtual driver channels and customer support channels remain available to them 24/7.

Increasing earning opportunities

Safety isn’t our only priority and the well-being of delivery-drivers has and continues to be our focus. South Africa has seen several challenges in the last year and to ensure we unlock access to increased opportunities, last year we accelerated our launch into essential delivery, ensuring we offer more than just food and rolled out Uber Connect for the transportation of packages to unlock further earning opportunities.

We will continue to build our technology with safety in mind while ensuring our platforms can be a bridge to a sustainable economic recovery.

29 Mar 2021 14:15