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Back2School made easy with Uber Eats

The world, as we know it, has changed and this includes how we work and school, shrinking the line between work and personal time. While schools have finally re-opened, online classes and home-schooling remain, which means preparing meals and running errands throughout the day becomes a daunting task.
Back2School made easy with Uber Eats

Uber Eats has it all figured out from food, groceries and stationery to suit your unique work and schooling situation.

Uber Eats knows what you like

Boring peanut butter lunches will not cut it anymore especially when you can order a tasty salad, health sandwich or your favourites like burgers and pizzas.  

We also save you time and arguments over what's for lunch, from unique flavours and cuisine filters, top restaurants, we have made it easier to find your next meal. Whether you prefer RocoMamas, Steers, Debonairs or Col'cacchio, we have it all!

Lunch when it suits you

Keeping a routine for children is very important and requires a fair balance between educational activities and playing. The app provides constant updates in real-time regarding the status of your order, which means you can continue with your meeting or your child can finish up that last bit of homework. 

We understand routine is needed  to take the stress out of a busy day, and Uber Eats makes it easy to schedule orders up to a week in advance, meaning you have one less thing to juggle. 

No onions and garlic, please

For any parent, allergies can throw a spanner in works no matter how your well your day is planned. Ordering from the Uber Eats app provides you with the peace of mind by providing allergy-friendly filters that make it easier for people with allergies or dietary restrictions to order with Uber Eats. You can also use the ‘Special Instructions’ field to include instructions or requests to have a dish prepared. While we cannot promise the crusts will be cut off, you can ask for them to leave off the tomato sauce!

From groceries to stationery - we have you covered 

Ordering bread, milk, eggs and other household necessities have been made easier with several grocery merchants available via the app. There are plenty of options, from milk to make your morning breakfast, or adding your kids favourite snack to their lunchbox to brighten their day and make your day run smoother.

Are you that parent that left stationery shopping to the last minute? There is no need to rush to the crowded stores with a long list of school essentials and wrestle the other parents for the last pack of oil pastels. With merchants like Game, stationery can be purchased with ease eliminating the last-minute rush to the store we all don’t enjoy. 

Discounts galore

Times have been difficult for many and the app understands that every cent counts. This is why the app has launched Uber Pass, a monthly R99 plan that  unlocks savings across Uber and Eats, which allows you to receive this unique offering. These offerings include free delivery through the Uber Eats app as well as discounts on rides when moving from A to B.

Spread the love

Schooling from home can be lonely and we understand that children can miss their friends and the small joys like swapping sarmies over break time. While physical contact is a big no, you can still spread the love by surprising a friend with a meal and have Uber Eats send food to friends. Simply order for them and share the delivery tracking details easily so their parents can follow along. Or if food just won’t cut it, send them a gift via Uber Connect, and they can track in real-time. 

For added safety, you can request for contactless delivery at check-out by selecting ‘leave at the door’. Make this school season less about the logistics and more about the love, without compromising on safety, reliability and affordability.

1 Mar 2021 13:55