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Edu-Supply is leveraging the e-commerce sector with new income opportunities

The e-commerce sector has seen a lot of growth this past year due to high demands from customers to shop from anywhere in the world, making their lives more convenient.
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More e-commerce businesses, particularly in South Africa, are growing and one interesting company that is leveraging this market is Edu-Supply. Through the 4th Industrial Revolution, Edu-Supply has created an opportunity for people to earn an income for themselves by encouraging various communities to become sales agents by reselling Edu-Supply's stationery and provide the company with lists of schools that are interested in the stationery supply.

"We are doing this because we want to grow and scale our digital business because as most businesses are closing down, e-commerce is growing and with Edu-Supply being an e-commerce business we can see how it create opportunities," said Marilyn White Radebe, founder, and CEO of the Soma-Solutions Group of Companies.

The e-commerce sector continues to thrive as technology advancement constantly affects people's shopping behaviour. Many businesses are taking advantage of this opportunity and while they believe they are saving costs on labour, Edu-Supply has set out to create more job opportunities to help communities sustain themselves.

Edu-Supply - which launched in December 2020, is an online platform that is designed to help parents and schools across South Africa purchase their children's stationery without having to shop at multiple stores to fulfill their children's full stationery list for school. Its main goal is to make shopping for stationery convenient for parents by allowing them to purchase stationery from their phones or laptops, saving them time by avoiding long queues at stores, and having to visit multiple stores to find all the stationery their children will require for the term.

30 Mar 2021 10:37