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Accurate Agent Group helping position businesses for success across Africa

Accurate Agent Group has set out to help businesses and leaders across Africa thrive in 2021 and beyond, through strategic business management solutions, in the new business environment created by Covid-19.
Accurate Agent Group helping position businesses for success across Africa

There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on many businesses – whether big or small, local or international – with challenges such as access to funding, loss of customers and being forced to restructure to keep up with operations. 

Accurate Agent Group aims to help position businesses for success in the new market through funding solutions, business rescue and access to resources. Accurate Agent Group offers a unique perspective and operates as a strategic partner and not just as a service provider.

“I saw that there was a huge gap between businesses and the service provider or the business and the customer, and I wanted to fill that gap. I’ve always had a passion for facilitating business growth and upscaling them through capital raising and financing and that’s how Accurate Agent Group was born,” said Mona Murahwa Goora, chief business development officer at Accurate Agent Group.

Accurate Agent Group is committed to driving and inspiring change among young people. It recently sponsored Maps Maponyane’s Golf Invitational event that aimed to support Bursary Network - a crowdfunding platform that enables anyone to contribute to educating students attending South African universities. 

Moreover, through its Talent Cultivation Programme, Accurate Agent Group focuses on helping physically and/or mentally challenged children from local communities, by working on discovering, nurturing and growing their special gifts and talents in areas of sport, academics, arts and culture. 

About Accurate Agent Group

Accurate Agent Group is a leading management and financial planning consulting firm based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Accurate Agent Group offers diverse management services, designed to assist the business in growth and sustainability. It specialises in funding solutions, financial management, business rescue, supply chain management, HR and payroll, tax advisory, executive development and wealth planning for businesses. Accurate Agent Group has partnered with Business Partners Limited and Absa on various business projects.

27 Jan 2021 13:50