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Enabling your sales teams with unified communications by locally developed, Telviva One

In recent months, the need for companies to deliver secure and scalable communications and collaboration solutions, tools and applications has seen significant growth in the worldwide unified communications (UC) market. In fact, IDC research shows that global UC and collaboration revenue grew 12.4% from the first to second quarter of 2020 to hit $11.5bn.
Enabling your sales teams with unified communications by locally developed, Telviva One

Much like how organisations across industry sectors have had to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives since March, interest in leveraging UC to maintain business operations has been at an all-time high. Awareness of the technology has grown, where management now views it as more than a nice-to-have, but a business-critical value proposition to empower employees, and specifically sales teams, to perform optimally irrespective of where they are working from.

Gartner defines UC as the combination of multiple enterprise communications channels, such as voice, video, personal and team messaging, voicemail and content sharing. These UC products and services can also be integrated with networks and systems, IT business applications, and consumer applications and devices. Essentially, it boils down to UC being a platform that integrates voice, video, and chat.

Communications done differently

Of course, UC brings with it many business benefits.

Given the current market environment where many organisations are planning to shift employees to remote work permanently, UC enables distributed teams to collaborate effectively in an environment that integrates all their communication tools with relevant information at their fingertips.

And because UC is a cloud-based solution, it delivers the scalability and agility to meet business requirements in real-time. This ensures the company can easily (and cost-effectively) deliver on the needs of its salespeople to make data-driven decisions outside the traditional office environment. Just consider the potential of linking messaging, data sharing, and conferencing from a variety of devices to rapidly deliver on customer requests.

According to a recent PwC survey, the majority of CFOs believe work flexibility is vital to preparing for future events of disruption. Using UC as a foundation, migrating more workflows to the cloud and empowering employees to work away from the office, organisations can mitigate the risk of a second wave or any other ‘work-from-home’ disasters.

Delivering on Telviva One

Since its development was fast-tracked to make it available as a free add-on to customers during the lockdown, the Telviva One UC platform has become South Africa’s largest cloud call community. It enables organisations to provide employees with a more effective way of communicating when working remotely by liberating users from their desk phones. Ultimately, the platform empowers staff to work from any device, anywhere, with multiple and robust channels of communication available to them around the clock.

As the lockdown restrictions have eased, Telviva has consolidated PBX services into elviva One, which is now available in two flavours:
  • Telviva One Essentials that includes:
    • Feature-rich cloud PBX
    • Fixed-line extension
    • Mobile extensions
    • Webphone
  • Telviva One Premium is available until 31 December for R159 per user and inclusive of Telviva One Essentials as well as:
    • Video conferencing
    • Calendar and contact integration into Microsoft and Google
    • Individual and group chat tool
Sales advantage

While Telviva One can assist any employee become more productive, it is especially the sales teams that can capitalise the most out of a UC environment. Having an integrated virtual meeting and workspace facilitates a hassle-free transition between the likes of voice, video, and chat. This delivers on a completely collaborative team experience where the sales force can provide functional updates on targets and potential leads.

This will also result in fostering knowledge-sharing between team members resulting in improved performance, productivity, and even customer retention. When people are in direct contact with one another through the UC environment that provides all relevant information, they can be more focused in reaching their objectives.

Such a unified way of working helps to build stronger relationships between team members and a better understanding of the sales leads. A UC environment enables better customer relationship management to deliver a higher conversion rate that comes with increased insights on stakeholder requirements and the ability to provide real-time feedback to management in this regard.

A UC environment also means that salespeople are always reachable by clients. No longer is there an ‘out of office’ response or long-ringing phone calls. Instead, the salesperson can immediately deal with a customer or provide an automated response if they are in a meeting or otherwise engaged. This direct line of communication means improved customer service resulting in a better experience thanks to more enhanced sales engagements.

With Telviva One, you can future-proof your communications environment by seamlessly integrating voice, video, and chat for a comprehensive sales experience.

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About Telviva

Telviva, formerly Connection Telecom, is a market leader in cloud-based communications for business. Seamlessly integrating voice, video and chat in one intelligent platform, Telviva enables you to have better quality conversations with customers, suppliers and staff.

For several years, we have presented a portfolio of brands, namely Connection Telecom, Telviva and Fat Budgie. These have now been consolidated under the Telviva banner to better align our product understanding and messaging, enabling our customers to maximise the benefits of consolidating all their general business communications into a single cloud application.

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