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3 easy steps to link time and attendance with productivity

Ensuring that a person is at work has become less of a management nightmare since the introduction of time and attendance software. The latest challenge, especially with remote workers, is ensuring that staff tend to work matters instead of personal tasks or pursuits.
3 easy steps to link time and attendance with productivity

Step one – Ensure that you have the correct time and attendance solution

Not all solutions are equal. When considering upgrading your current solution, evaluate the problem that you are trying to solve. Ask yourself these questions.

Q - Do you need a register of attendance? This register could be used for safety (knowing who is at work especially in dangerous environments), employee discipline, CCMA Evidence or calculating salaries/wages.
Q - Do you need to accommodate shifts? Easily constructing and sharing timetables will save time and resources.
Q - Do you need to be alerted in the case of non-attendance or late arrivals of staff members?
Q - Do you need to access records in the cloud, conveniently ensuring you can be anywhere with an internet connection?
Q - Would you like a comprehensive reporting mechanism in place? This could include hours worked, overtime, leave taken and more.

Step two – Ensure your staff are working when clocked-in

Having staff clocked-in for work doesn’t necessarily mean that they are working, particularly in the case of remote workers. Ask yourself these questions before attempting to increase productivity using a software-based solution.

Q - Do you need the solution to integrate with a time and attendance solution?
Q - Do you need to know if your staff are being productive or unproductive at a glance and in near-real time?
Q - Do you need to access reports and information in the cloud at the click of a button?
Q - Would it be viable to block access to certain programs, applications or websites?
Q - Would you like to choose between comprehensive or summarised information to see what your team has been doing?

Step three – Combine time and attendance with productivity

Each business is unique, therefore, the solution must accommodate the individual demands. ERSBio and ERS Watchdog integrate seamlessly, with several modules to choose from including:
  • Attendance only – Keep a detailed register of your employees’ in and out clocks.
  • Time and attendance – Ideal for shifts, hours worked (including public holidays or overtime) and leave taken.
  • Exceptions/Enforcer – Be notified when a person is late or absent.
  • Watchdog – Productivity monitoring of tasks and programs and the duration of each activity.
  • Mobile Clocking – Employees can clock in for work on their smartphones, with the location and travel times recorded via GPS.

Understanding exactly what your staff are doing all day doesn’t need to be a challenge, whether they are remote workers, travelling staff or office-bound.

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12 Jan 2021 08:11