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Are you struggling to keep tabs on the shop staff?

Find out how to turn things around, before its too late.
Are you struggling to keep tabs on the shop staff?

Retail is not for the weak-hearted. Staff management is often one of the biggest headaches associated with running a successful retail environment. With each employee having a key role to play, absent or late employees can damage the reputation and profitability of the business. Tardiness will affect one or more areas, be it increased theft, unorganised displays, stock control problems or any other defining factor within a store.

You are not alone – The solution is simple.

Time and attendance software by ERSBio is ideally suited for allocating and sharing shift time-tables. Shifts can be set up in advance, with the staff members clocking in and out for work using either facial or fingerprint biometrics, and the clocking times are sent to the cloud-based software via an internet connection.

Reports are easily generated to retrieve valuable information, including but are not limited to lateness, absenteeism and total hours worked. The best part is that information can be accessed in the cloud from anywhere in real-time or historically.

Do you need to buy expensive hardware?

With the addition of cameras and GPS in smart devices (mobile phones or tablets), it is a viable option to use existing hardware with an internet connection. Facial recognition will identify the employee on either a phone or tablet, whilst geo-mapping will verify the location.

Fixed biometric devices are available, and can be mounted to a wall to identify a person using your choice of either finger of facial biometrics.

How do you know when a person hasn’t arrived for a shift?

It's great to have reports to identify when a person has not turned up for a shift, but sometimes the information may arrive too late. With the enforcer functionality offered by ERSBio’s software, an administrator is informed thereof, allowing for a timeous management decision before any damage takes place.

Save money on payroll

Any business that includes staff working shifts, public holidays or overtime will have experienced headaches working out payroll calculations.

Automated systems reduce many costs including;
  • Timeous manual procedures to record hours
  • Human error mistakes
  • Costly compliance issues and labour disputes
  • Paying for unworked hours or false claims of overtime
Tailor-made solution for your unique business

Retailers need a solution that is fully adaptable to the industry. In some instances, an entry-level package might compliment a specific shop, whilst a robust opportunity to include access control and monitoring administrative staff might be a solution for another. ERSBio accommodates small businesses, right through to retail chains and warehousing.

Keep your eye on staff, no matter the time or location

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7 Dec 2020 11:17


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ERS Biometrics - Public Relations