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Entrepreneurs are using staff monitoring software to compete with big business

Whilst an economic recession might mean cutting costs and reducing prices to some; others are taking the opportunity to compete with established enterprises. An SME needs to support growth, even with a small staff complement and should find ways to enhance productivity and streamline procedures. With remote work on the rise, this can also mean that they need to take a look at how they improve remote management.
Entrepreneurs are using staff monitoring software to compete with big business

Automated staff monitoring is one solution that has taken a firm foothold within the world of entrepreneurs. By using a system such as ERS Watchdog, tracking the activity of each employee is seamless and simple. You can view tasks and worked hours historically or in real-time. In it’s simplest form, tasks are grouped between productive or unproductive, whilst in-depth analysis gives a deeper breakdown into the specific or grouped activities.

The obvious benefit of understanding staff activity is increasing productivity; however many other advantages exist, including calculating hours worked, blocking activity such as games or social media and restricting access to networked resources. Without the need to buy additional hardware, the solution is cost-effective and easy to initiate.

So, how does a typical automated monitoring system work?

Each employee clocks in for work via facial biometrics using the computer’s camera where work will be conducted. Once clocked, data is sent to a cloud-based admin panel. As soon as a person clocks-out, monitoring will cease, allowing for privacy in all activity on the device. The duration spent in any program, application or website is recorded, alongside details of opened documents.

A good monitoring system will respect privacy by never accessing a camera or microphone except when identifying the user, nor will it read personal communications.

Administrators can access the cloud-based panel to gain report insights and to make changes to settings, such as activities deemed unproductive or warnings to staff when they access certain programs.

General automation benefits include;

Automate to save time

Avoiding manual processes affords valuable time to build your business. Automating staff monitoring gives a birds-eye view of the tasks each employee is tending to in a given day.

Another manual process now evolving to automated, is payroll, whereby the attendance and hours worked of an employee is automatically captured and calculated by the system.

Automate to save money

With individuals aware that they are accountable for wasted, yet paid time, diligence excels.

Enhanced productivity leads to the need for less employees and (not working, rather just stick to fewer errors / calculation errors) fewer payroll expenses due to human error during manual data capture methods.

Automate for accuracy

Management decisions, disciplinary processes and rewards for hard work are now in accordance with facts and figures, which often prove to bear a different truth than expected.

Comprehensive reports allow for in-depth analysis of areas for improvement, weeding out poor behavioural patterns or managing workforces.

Aside from automation, the other major advantage is that behaviour changes. Human nature dictates that when we know we are being watched, we adjust our behaviour according to expectations.

With no need for external hardware, entrepreneurs are finding software such as ERS Watchdog saves both time and money, whilst making any business run efficiently.

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1 Dec 2020 12:18


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