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How to introduce authentication biometrics without additional hardware

The South African-based software developer, ERS Bio is using decades of experience in both biometrics and staff monitoring solutions to open doors to businesses of any size and with any number of locations...
How to introduce authentication biometrics without additional hardware

Step 1: Decide on the needs of your business

Step 2: Identify the benefits of Time and Attendance or Staff Monitoring

Step 3: Discuss the implementation with employees

Step 4: Install software

Step 5: Attend optional training

Step 6: Enjoy easy payroll, reports and analytics

Time and attendance or staff monitoring solutions are no longer administration luxuries reserved for big brands with huge budgets. Installing hardware devices in several locations is costly. Now the technology is used on any smartphone, tablet or computer for simple and cost-effective implementation.

The South African-based software developer, ERS Bio is using decades of experience in both biometrics and staff monitoring solutions to open doors to businesses of any size and with any number of locations.

Users are authenticated using the internal camera. The software uses mapping technology to ensure that a person is correctly authenticated before clocking-in for work.

The numerous uses and benefits of facial biometrics are diverse. With your business having a different set of growing needs, the option to choose a set of modules and grow each module accordingly is essential.

The needs of your business

Available modules include:
  • Attendance Module: keep a register of times clocking-in or out for work.
  • Time and Attendance Module: Ideal for shifts or those needing comprehensive reporting information such as overtime.
  • Enforcer Module: Notify management of any exceptions, such as an employee not clocking for work.
  • Leave Module: Managing leave easily and online.
  • Job Costing Module: Easily monitor the time taken in any specific task.
  • Watchdog: Giving the opportunity to understand the activities on a desktop by any member of staff each day, such as the duration in each program, application or website.

Following the six steps of implementation ensures that each department and individual within the business will understand the process and the uses of data collected.

Analyse the benefits of time and attendance or productivity monitoring

Simplifying the day-to-day activities of a business can boost productivity in numerous ways. Analysing the benefits that you would enjoy assists in decision-making. Benefits include:
  • Streamlining the register process
  • Reducing administration related to payroll
  • Avoiding over or underpaying staff and payroll fraud
  • Increase productivity
  • Understand where staff are and what they are doing
  • Create a clear understanding of expectations
  • Document and audit work activities
  • Efficiently create, edit and share schedules and rosters
  • Ensure management decisions are based upon analytics and efficient reports
  • Securely keep staff records in a single and convenient database
  • Reduce absenteeism and tardiness
  • Easily manage leave with effortless and online control

Discussing with employees

Collecting data from employees, especially any personal information should be discussed. When everyone is comfortable with the security of the information and the uses, it will prevent any uncomfortable feelings. In instances of staff monitoring, the opportunity to ensure everyone is aware of expectations and productivity measurements can be defined.

Installing the software

A cloud-based administration panel means that no software will need to be installed on a computer. Once the administrator has individualised any requirements, such as shifts or working hours, staff members can easily clock on a device which will sync to the online platform.


Software is intuitive and easy to manage, as, with all comprehensive packages, training will encourage using all available tools. ERS Bio recommends and offers face-to-face, zoom and video training options.

Payroll, reports and analytics

Each module offers easy to generate or automated reports. The most popular use for the reports is to prepare payroll in a fraction of the time compared to manual systems. Populating the information also gives a view of staff analytics used for management decisions.


Hardware devices installed on-premises are ideal for businesses needing access control and for convenience when a number of individuals must clock-in for work in the same location. Remote workers or small businesses can enjoy benefits without breaking the budgets.

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24 Nov 2020 13:14