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Do you plan to increase your staff productivity?

In competitive business times, we need strategies to maximise our staff productivity. Human resource management can be a strain, from clocking times and attendance, through to ensuring productivity of staff that brings the returns that we are paying for.
In the current work-from-home environment, ERSBio needed a solution that could monitor staff’s attendance during working hours, and potentially enuring that tasks are completed in a timely fashion. As such, we developed a non-invasive tool to monitor staff productivity... ERS Watchdog.

The solution is easy to use, and simplifies the recording of activities of individual employees, whilst having the capacity to integrate into other systems such as Time and Attendance or Payroll.

How does it work?

After a person clocks in for work, with optional fingerprint or facial biometric verification ensuring that positive identification is made, the duration any employee spends in an app, program or website gives a clear picture of productivity levels. This information extracts into simple reports or a comprehensive option, giving detailed insight such as files opened or inactive time.

Popups warn both the employee and administrator of behaviour that will categorise as un-productive, thus changing behaviour in the workplace.

The information retrieved will assist with productivity whilst serving to make management decisions in other areas:

Cyber-security: An audit trail can identify where a breach in security begins or ends, based upon activity reports.

Hard workers: Recognition for work can be a motivating factor. Seeing a visual representation of staff work affords the opportunity to compare and identify the biggest contributors to a successful business.

Poor work ethic: Repeating the methodology above will help you discover those draining business resources without producing results.

Billing/Accurate pay: In the case of contract workers or cients being billed per hour, the system will give a better understanding of what amount of work actually goes into certain tasks.

Working smarter: In the event that a person spends unrealistic time in a program or document, it may be a signal that the opportunity is available to adjust systems or create new procedures entirely. Perhaps email templates could speed up repetitive tasks or the work should divert to an individual who is more capable at a specific task.

ERS Watchdog is a non-invasive measuring tool that respects privacy, whilst ensuring maximum productivity. Data is never recorded from cameras, microphones or personal emails, and passwords will never be captured, thus respecting the privacy of all using the package.

If streamlining your business’ productivity and workflow is a priority, why not contact us for a free consultation at

2 Nov 2020 12:58