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Reducing the chemical footprint of your pest control methods

All environments are faced with the need to manage alien and indigenous insects and animals. This is especially the case when these insects and animals become structural, environmental and/or public health issues.
Pests can threaten the health of employees, the natural environment and the man-made environment. Therefore, they need to be managed in a way that is effective, but is also sensitive to non-target organisms and our wider ecology. 

Unfortunately, most pest management methods focus on the former (i.e. effectiveness) by intensely using pesticides without thinking about the latter (i.e. the effects of pesticides on non-target organisms and the environment). Pesticides are not the only solution and actually should not be your first approach.

Reducing the chemical footprint of your pest control methods

What should I do first?

Ask yourself why you have a pest problem in the first place and deal with those answers before using pesticides. Pests need three things to be able to survive on your property:
  1. Water
  2. Food
  3. Shelter (hiding areas)

Cultural solutions: Change up your cleaning schedule! Remove food debris, fix those water leaks and clean up your clutter inside and outside your building. 
Physical solutions: Maintain your building! Fix those broken windows and doors, plug those cracks and crevices and install those insect screens and door sweeps.
Biological solutions: Find those eco-friendly alternatives! Have a lot of mosquitoes? Maybe don’t kill all of those spiders or look at installing a bat box nearby. There are also many biological agents at your local garden shops ~ did you know that ladybugs eat aphids?
Chemical solutions: Use sparingly and only in your target areas. Mishandling pesticides can lead to reduced control of the target pest, injury to non-target organisms, environmental damage and disruption of our natural ecological balance.

If that doesn’t work?

Contact a reputable pest management company/pest biologist who specifically knows about integrated pest management. 

Reducing the chemical footprint of your pest control methods

We are a small team of individuals who take every pest management issue seriously and sensitively. Our company partners with a number of important brands to ensure that their pests are taken care of, but not at the expense of the environment. 

Help us to achieve our mission of reducing the chemical footprint of the pest control industry by choosing our Smartsenz Integrated Pest Management Service for long-term pest control.

Contact Jenna Bowker at 082 524 3600 for a free site survey and quote, or to simply find out more about how and why we are different.

8 Jan 2021 13:53