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5 things to consider when searching for a pest control company in South Africa

When we make our home or office space, we make it a comfortable space to be in. However, in doing so, we unknowingly make it just as comfortable for pests such as rodents, flies and cockroaches.
5 things to consider when searching for a pest control company in South Africa

Pests have evolved with the presence of humans because of the things that humans offer to them to increase their chance of survival:
  1. Food,
  2. Water, and
  3. Hiding/breeding areas
It is quite rare for any home or business to be pest-free. So, the question comes about: Who should I call to manage my pest problem?

To help you decide, Smartsenz® Integrated Pest Management Services has listed five things that you should consider before choosing your pest control company.

1. Is your pest control company knowledgeable about the problem at hand and can they provide a proactive, preventative and safe solution?

There are many ‘classic’ pest control companies out there that favour easy-to-apply ‘carpet bombing’ approaches. They resort to pesticides as their first choice because it is the simple solution. But, this is also the chemically-intensive and often reactive solution since it targets adult pests that have already bred (not to mention any poor non-target animals that get in the way of the chemical).

It is important that your pest management solution should not just rely on reactive measures such as spraying chemicals. If your pest control company has not heard of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), they most probably do not have the right solution for you. IPM is the consideration of all pest management techniques with pesticides as the last resort. It is a proactive approach that involves a variety of methods such as habitat modification, food waste reviews and bait/ trap systems.

2. Is your pest control technician registered with the Department of Agriculture?

This can easily be confirmed by asking them for their P number (a registered licence from the Department of Agriculture with a specific number, starting with the letter P). This number indicates that the technician has gone through the necessary training to obtain a licence for pest control.

3. Does the pest control technician know about any risk to secondary consumers/non-target organisms?

If the pest control technician does not know what you are talking about, they have not done their homework on the effects of their chosen pesticide/bait on secondary consumers such as birds of prey (eating pesticide-affected rodents) or non-target organisms such as geckos or bees that you do not want to kill.

4. Is the company registered with a pest management association such as SAPCA (South African Pest Control Association)?

Although this is not a legal requirement of any pest control company, it shows that the company prides itself in taking an active role in the industry as a whole.

5. Always ask for referrals and check their reviews

Referrals will speak for themselves. If a company does not have a list of current client’s that they are happy for you to get hold of, this may speak volumes about their service.

Smartsenz® Integrated Pest Management Services

Our Smartsenz® service is an eco-friendly integrated pest management (IPM) service designed for the long-term prevention of pests. Our service encompasses IPM, contrasting the common service provided by classic pest control companies who favour routine application of pesticides without trying to understand pest biology, pest ecology and pest behaviour. In other words – why there is a problem in the first place.

We translate our expert knowledge of pests into a tailored management strategy for your situation whilst conserving the delicate balance of nature.

What we provide:
  1. A free site survey: A free audit of your premises, which includes screening all buildings and structures for pest issues, reviewing the current pest control operations and assessing your sanitation, food, water and waste management procedures.
  2. A tailored IPM plan for your needs: A tailored pest report and treatment plan aimed at keeping pest populations below acceptable thresholds and preventing further pest nuisance on your premises.
  3. A unique online pest portal: A personalised pest portal that gives you 24/7 access to your pest-demarcated aerial map of your property, monthly service reports, monthly service certificates and all other pest related information that you need.
By analysing your pest data from our monitoring traps and your feedback, we constantly fine-tune our approach to ensure optimal pest management for you.

30 Sep 2020 16:48