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RebelRebel awarded African exclusivity for in-game advertising platform, RapidFire

Following the appointment of RebelRebel as exclusive sales partners for Humanz, the company is ready to unveil their next big product.
RebelRebel awarded African exclusivity for in-game advertising platform, RapidFire
RebelRebel, the digital media business helmed by Mike & Shauna Carter, are excited to announce their recent appointment as exclusive resellers of RapidFire in-game advertising products for the African market.

“While RapidFire is nothing new to the ZA market, we’re incredibly excited to have been given the opportunity to continue driving this unique product with agencies in our space” says Mike Carter, commercial partner at RebelRebel.

RapidFire is a leading in-game advertising company, founded in the fall of 2011 and is headquartered in Vancouver. The company enables advertisers to target millions of highly engaged consumers playing video games across a wide range of gaming platforms and genres. Over the past eight years, RapidFire's Radial Network™ technology has been successfully integrated into 88 games, and served over 50 billion impressions to more than 90 million users.

"The video game market in Africa, and in particular ZA, has grown at an incredible rate over the past decade. 2020 will see RapidFire's reach in ZA and Africa at its highest ever point, and we're excited to work with RebelRebel to bring in-game advertising opportunities to the many brands in the African market," says Jordan L. Howard, Founder and CEO of RapidFire.

In addition to offering a dynamic in-game advertising network, RapidFire also leverages its relationships with game developers to offer brands the ability to launch product placement and advergaming campaigns. RapidFire is privately held, and is an active member of IAB Canada and IAB UK.

“As a digital platform, RapidFire is virtually the only non-invasive digital offering currently operating in this market, and gaming as a media category is just getting harder and harder to ignore these days. Based on these facts, and the value of the category, we’re incredibly keen to partner with brands who take this market seriously,” adds Shauna Carter, operations and sales partner for the new company.

For further information on RapidFire and RebelRebel, please contact latigid.leberleber@olleh

3 Oct 2019 14:19