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Africa Teen Geeks launches free coding and robotics holiday programme for kids

The year 2020 was a very challenging year for all industries, the education sector was not exonerated from the devastating impact of the global pandemic, Covid 19. Since the declaration of national disaster in March 2020, the need for new ways of teaching and learning became eminent with technology being the critical requirement and enabler of teaching and learning in an environment that discourages physical contact.
In support of President Cyril Ramaphosa, in ensuring that the principles of social distancing and that the lockdown regulations are adhered to in order to avert the negative public health effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ms Zora, an artificial intelligence-based educational platform, which is a product of Africa Teen Geeks, offered remote learning classes live from March 2020 across all grades to ensure learning and teaching continuity in the midst of the pandemic.

Africa Teen Geeks mission of ‘equalising access to quality education’ has grown in the face of Covid-19 crisis and we have quickly expanded our work to aid African children affected by school closures. The contribution and achievement of the programme are as follows:
  • Over 500,000 stakeholders reached through Zoom live lessons
  • Over 470,000 views on our YouTube channel
  • Completed coding and robotics curriculum in partnership with the Department of Basic Education
  • Created 6,000 video lessons for Grades R to 12
  • Created the first African block-based coding platform Ms Zora Block and created tutorials for both learners and teachers with an objective of ensuring that every African school can teach coding from foundation phase in their mother tongue
  • Our CEO Lindiwe Matlali was named the Schwab Foundation 2020 Social Innovator of the year by the World Economic Forum

Africa Teen Geeks launches free coding and robotics holiday programme for kids
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With the second wave of the pandemic, which has proven to be more severe than the initial one, the reintroduction of lockdown alert Level 3 by the president on 28 December is suggesting that remote learning and teaching will remain an order of the day even in year 2021. ATG amplified its programme that enables remote learning and teaching. In partnership with Apodytes and Unicef South Africa, we are further running a free holiday coding and robotics classes from 4 to 22 January 2021. Classes will be conducted virtually in Zoom, our Ms Zora platform and YouTube channel.

Since its inception, Africa Teen Geeks has grown to become the largest computer science non-profit organisations in Africa. Through its strategic partnerships with the University of South Africa and the Department of Basic Education, our organisation has the key ingredients to be an influential organisation with strong social impact.

We hereby express our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to all our partners and support for concerted efforts and contribution in achieving the above objectives.

For more information, contact az.oc.skeegneetacirfa@ofni

4 Jan 2021 09:11