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Sicelo Xulu of City Power to discuss energy at the Smart Cities Summit

The world's population is likely to rise to 9 billion in 20 years and 60% of the human population will live in urban areas. This means we need a strategy to stay ahead of the problems that might arise, specifically energy-related problems.
The city of Johannesburg is participating in the upcoming Smart Cities Summit that is going to take place on 30 and 31 October 2012. Sicelo Xulu, Director of City Power Johannesburg, will speak at the Summit and discuss City Power's plans regarding moving towards becoming a smarter city in terms of energy usage.

The world is facing a number of environmental, energy and other sustainability challenges. At the Smart Cities Summit speakers and delegates will discuss possible strategies for sustainable urban development in South Africa. Many companies have been proactive in the move towards turning our cities into smarter cities. City Power is one of these organisations with their Smart Metering development, a system that encourages households and businesses to use electricity wisely. The system was implemented in Johannesburg with great success to reduce load shedding and protect the environment.

As part of the Smart Cities Summit speakers and delegates will discuss what role citizens and our energy consumption will play in the move towards creating smarter cities. According to statistics, South Africa produces 45% of all Africa's electricity, however most of this energy is still coal-generated. As energy supply in South Africa is in high demand, the Smart Cities Summit will discuss problems and solutions to the alarming topics such as energy consumption and sustainability, as well as environmental sustainability.

Be part of the Smart Cities Summit and play a role in the innovation that is required for the move towards smarter cities. Join us on 30 and 31 October 2012 in Johannesburg at the second Smart Cities Summit. For more information please visit or to book your seat please contact Haley Fletcher on 086 000 9590 or .

20 Sep 2012 11:32