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Drive-thru truck-side branding to launch nationwide

Transmedia, the new mobile marketing wing of Cape Town based Topco Media, will use innovative technology to activate branding on a 271-strong fleet of medium sized trucks, travelling South Africa's 8000km road network and even into neighbouring countries.
Following US and European trends, the company uses permanent truck-side snapper frames, into which large-scale, high resolution branding can be inserted or removed within minutes. The trucks can be re-branded while they idle, providing a faster turnaround time and more flexibility for clients.

The 271 trucks follow a set itinerary, meaning clients can pick and choose, depending on target market demographics, where in the country their branding will be seen.

Truck-side branding is making resurgence in America and Europe, because of the number of consumers who see it and the impact it has on those consumers in terms of brand awareness. According to one US website, “…outdoor media reaches over 96 percent of all U.S. consumers…studies show that the impact ratings of mobile media trucks scored higher than all other outdoor media combined…” (

Similar statistics should apply in South Africa. Which has over 9 million in-use vehicles on the roads ( In addition, consumers appear to be more receptive to truck-side branding than TV or magazine ads - because it is deemed less intrusive. This means that truck-side branding can snare, for companies that utilise it,a higher quotient of what all advertisers seek: top of mind awareness.

Clients pay a once-off fee for the manufacture of each re-usable high-resolution truck-side branding sheet and can opt for flexible pricing packages in the form of 3, 6 or 12-month contracts. Over periods of high traffic volume - summer, school holidays etc. - clients can even opt for additional truck branding on an ad-hoc basis.

With the growing trend internationally for innovative truck-side branding as a cost-effective means of targeting consumers in specific demographic areas, Transmedia's countrywide coverage, speed and flexibility is sure to prove an attractive option for large or small companies and advertising agencies in South Africa.

For more information contact:

Stella Opperman
072 532 0144

23 Apr 2008 09:34