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A must-attend: the Africa Energy Summit 2008

“South African business cannot plan or implement any major new energy-consuming projects until 2013.” - Bongani Nqwababa, Financial Director, Eskom. This is an unthinkable scenario that would derail not only the South African economy but the society that is dependent on it.
A must-attend: the Africa Energy Summit 2008
It means that current levels of poverty and unemployment – already catastrophic - would significantly worsen. It could also mean that the government would have to reschedule foreign debt. It has the potential to cause civil unrest, it will encourage the flight of skills, it will demoralise the nation's citizenry, and it will damage – probably irreparably - South Africa's status as a destination for foreign fixed investment.

We cannot let this happen, and we cannot accept Eskom's doomsday warning.

We need to talk, we need to talk urgently, and we need to take decisive, far-reaching action.

A must-attend: the Africa Energy Summit 2008
For this reason you cannot miss out on the Topco Media's Energy Summit. It is called a “summit” for good reason: it will be probably the most important meeting that the most senior leaders of the private and the public sectors will attend in their working lives: a meeting called to save the present, to protect the future, and to recover the vital strategic gains made since 1994, now the subject of material attrition as a consequence of Eskom's programme of load-shedding began.

Date: 18 & 19 March 2008
Venue: The Forum | The Campus, Bryanston, Johannesburg

Please diarise this date right away to guarantee your availability. For more information on speakers, topics, the venue and more please visit

For more information, please contact Stephen Paxton on (+27 21) 441 2500 or

23 Jan 2008 10:53