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South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry endorses Topco Media's publication

South Africa is celebrating a quarter century of democracy and in recognition of this milestone Topco Media is publishing a once-off tribute publication, 25 Years of Success in South African Government and Business.
An accolade to the success stories our country, our citizens and our companies have to tell, the South African Chamber of Commerce (SACCI) fully endorses this project which showcases the individuals and partnerships that have kept the wheels of the economy turning for the last 25 years.

Not only does this publication provide a platform for South African business and government to share their stories of tenacity, best practice, innovation and endeavour - it provides inspiration for the future.

The SACCI membership comprises approximately 20,000 small, medium and large enterprises across the breadth of the nation and across all economic sectors. Large enterprises are generally direct members of SACCI while small and medium enterprises are members through more than 50 local and regional chambers and 20 national associations. SACCI is delighted to endorse Topco’s publication that reviews entrepreneurial endeavour during our first 25 years of democracy.

To showcase the continued strength and economic viability of our country, the 25 Years of Success publication and online project will feature South Africa's greatest organisations. Are you part of South African history and would you like to tell your story?

For marketing and sales enquiries, please contact or call 082 458 7178.

25 Feb 2019 13:19