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Developing skills: The key to economic growth

The global economy has come under strain over the last several years, due to lower commodity prices, a shift in demand as well as services which have all affected South Africa greatly over the last two years. Companies that are weathering the current economic climate are those that operate with strategic efficiency and an eye towards the future. These companies maximise human capital by making sure they keep a skilled and competitive advantage as technology, production and trade develops and changes.
Developing skills: The key to economic growth
Across South African Government the general consensus is that the country must produce more skilled participants in the workforce. The Government has also stated that its economic plocies require HR development on a massive scale. The Human Resources Development Strategy for South Africa (HRDS-SA) – which was adopted by Cabinet in 2001 – highlights that the acquisition of knowledge and skills are necessary to work productively and competitively and furthermore, that improved training and education are fundamental to higher employment and productivity.

“The cyclical nature of the resources sector and the impact of the global economic crisis have meant that we have had to find ways of cutting costs and working more efficiently.” Italia Boninelli, speaking on challenges of HR in a recent interview.

This year, The Future of HR Summit and Awards are proud to host some of the highest esteemed figures in South African society and the HR industry, including the internationally acclaimed HR specialist, Shirley Zinn. It is also with great pride to announce that Axiomatic will sponsor the Skills Development and Training breakaway session. The most innovative HR strategies, labour regulations, case studies and emerging technologies will be disccused by experts in the field over the span of two days.

“In the working world, you have to keep up with the pace of change, and there are many factors that drive change. Technology and innovation will reshape the working world and this affects people greatly. The Future of HR cares about people and cares about making a difference in the HR industry.” – Shirley Zinn

“Given that our fit-for-purpose solutions are aligned with business objectives and strategies which, combined with all aspects of employee benefits, positions our clients as employers of choice, we believe that we will make a valuable contribution at this event”, says Brett Hopkins, principal consultant at Axiomatic Consultants.

Topco Media is proud to once again host the Future of HR Summit and Awards in Johannesburg on 20 and 21 July 2016. This Summit and Awards promise to be an informative and productive experience and attendees will gain practical insight into the field of HR with opportunities to network.

For more information about the Summit and Awards and how you can get involved in this exciting initiative, please contact Savanna Clarke at or 0798789494.

4 Jul 2016 11:02