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Business in Zambia: Topco Media and KPMG announce a joint venture project

Topco Media, the renowned publishers of 90 The Nelson Mandela Years, 20 Years of Democracy, Vision 2030 and Impumelelo - South Africa's Top Empowered Companies, and KPMG Zambia, a member firm of KPMG International, the world-renowned professional services organisation - are excited to announce a new venture going forward, to develop a publication that will become the authoritive guide to the top companies in Zambia. Compared with some of its sub-Saharan African peers, Zambia has shown promising growth in recent years and looking forward - despite certain challenges facing the country - the outlook remains positive.
It is for this very reason that Topco Media in collaboration with KPMG, have decided to launch a new publication and award ceremony. The first edition of Top300 Companies Zambia will be published in April 2016 and will showcase the 300 top companies in the country. Much like the publication, the Zambian National Business Awards, which will take place later this year, will identify and profile Zambia’s leading businesses, creating a reputation benchmark.

On a sociopolitical level, Zambia’s robust parliament currently supports political stability in the country and beyond 2016 overall stability will continue to improve. On an economic level, policy will focus on boosting investment and mining as well as the creation of employment. This is very positive, especially due to the fact that Zambia also finds itself in a rapidly growing region in Africa. GDP remained under 4% for Zambia during 2015, but despite global headwinds, GDP is projected to increase steadily in 2017 and going forward. This will be coupled with growth in the same years for the agriculture, industry as well as services sectors.

KPMG Zambia’s Senior Partner and CEO, Jason Kazilimani, has stated that “at KPMG, one of our focal points is turning knowledge into value for the benefit of our clients. This is why we are collaborating with Topco Media to develop what is likely to become the authoritative guide on the top 300 companies in Zambia.”

Globally, KPMG is an international leader in the provision of audit, accounting, advisory and tax services with operations in more than 150 countries worldwide. KPMG and Topco Media have forged a strong business relationship in the past, with a vision to continue in the future. “We hold KPMG in high esteem, as they consistently perform as a top company and also understand and share our business values,” Ralf Fletcher, CEO of Topco Media said on the Top300 Companies Zambia publication. “We feel that we have made a strong contribution in positioning South Africa as a economically competitive country over the last 20 years. It is now time to take that experience into the rest of Africa, Zambia will be our first step - a diving board into Africa.”

Topco Media is a leader in South African business-to-business communications; working to ensure that local and international companies have access to effective vehicles of communication and marketing that are distributed to key public and private sector stakeholders.

For more information, contact:
Judy Twaambo Chileshe
Country Manager – Zambia

086 000 9590

19 Feb 2016 10:58