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Topco Media adds Public Sector Manager magazine to its stable

Topco Media, South Africa's leading business-to-business publishing house, has been selected to produce and distribute the Government Communication and Information System (GCIS)'s Public Sector Manager publication.
Public Sector Manager, or PSM as it is affectionately known, communicates with a strategic component of government's target audiences - senior public sector managers. The magazine aims to help public sector and government managers and their departments and agencies to improve the quality of the services they provide by reporting on management innovations and best practices within the public sector.

"We are pleased to advise [that Topco Media's] tender submission has been accepted subject to all the terms and conditions embodied therein, including those in the bid document and bid specifications," reads the letter of acceptance from Midah Moreroa, Director of the Directorate: Supply Chain Management and Facilities Management.

The Public Sector Manager magazine will report on the deliverables of government; provide a national strategy; identify and report on issues of unempolyment, economic social conditions, crime, and corruption; and empower people to be aware of government activities.

The PSM publication has a current print run of 15,000 copies - a number that will be increased by 25 percent by 2016. The governmentis one of the largest institutions and will be using PSM as the mouthpiece to capture the audience of 13,995 senior government managers, about 53,000 middle managers, 72 members of the national executive, nine premiers and their executive committees.

Ralf Fletcher, CEO of Topco Media, is thrilled Topco Media has been chosen to take on this opportunity and believes the award of this tender is further proof that the company is the leading business-to-business publishing house in South Africa.

The first issue of PSM, under Topco Media's stewardship, will be hitting shelves on October 2014.

To get in to the next issue contact: Nardine Nelson on 086 000 9590 (tel), 082 739 3932 (cell), or .

22 Sep 2014 14:15