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Justin Nurse chairs the upcoming Brands Convention 2006

Quickly... think of a brand... any brand... the make of your shoe, your car, the watch on your wrist or your favourite fastfood. Why did you think of this specific brand?
Justin Nurse chairs the upcoming Brands Convention 2006Your choice signals a strong affiliation with the brand in question, perhaps it's good customer service, quality products, its global rating, a brilliant marketing strategy or peoples' perception of the brand; how they perceive you through your possession of this item.

Before we buy anything, we engage in a thought-process and certain factors influence which brands we buy into and what brands we purchase. As Marketers, Branding Experts and Advertisers, we constantly strive to sway peoples' opinions and encourage them to buy into our brand. In a highly-competitive market-place where time is money and everyone lacks the former, it pays to stay on top of your game. Attend The Brands Convention 2006 at The Protea Hotel, Balalaika, Sandton, Johannesburg on Wednesday, 8th and Thursday, 9th November, for an insightful experience that will provide you with the tools you need to guarantee maximum exposure for your brand and lock in ROI.

This innovative, two-day conference will be facilitated by Justin Nurse, Director of Laugh it Off. Our Branding Experts include:

Craig Melling-William, Account Development Director, Buchanan Group
Dion Chang, Trends Analyst & Designer
Gail Curtis, CEO South Africa & Africa Network, Saatchi & Saatchi
Paul Warner, Executive Creative Director, TBWA Hunt Lascaris
Desre Barclay, Integrated Marketing Communications Manager, IBM
Thebe Ikalafeng, Managing Director, Brand Leadership
Janice Spark, Founding Director, Idea Engineers
Sean Temlett, Lecturer Marketing & Entrepreneurship, WITS Business School
Anthony Swart, CEO, Enterprise IG
Geoff Bick, Senior Marketing Lecturer, WITS Business School
Janine Lloyd (Buhrmann), Managing Director, Livewired Communication
Chris Moerdyk, Marketing Analyst & Consultant
Di Paice, Editor, Brand magazine
Greg Maloka, Partner, Instant Grass
Elsebé Booyens, Head of Marketing, City of Johannesburg
Mike Joubert, MD, Levis Strauss & Co SA

We are thrilled to announce two partners for The Brands Convention 2006. Our Print Media Partner will be Brand Magazine and the Digital Media Partner will be

The Brands Convention 2006 is a crucial event to attend for those who are serious about harnessing strategic branding to engage employees, drive change, maximize performance and achieve results. Delegates will benefit from:
  • 1 Ground-breaking industry event
  • Insight from more than 15 leading organisations such as Brand Power, Saatchi & Saatchi, IBM, Brand Leadership, Idea Engineers, WITS Business School, Enterprise IG, Livewired Communications, Levi Strauss, Instant Grass, City of Johannesburg amongst others
  • 17 innovative speakers to share their experience and expertise
  • 18 hours of intense, interactive learning
  • More than 150 new business contacts
  • Strategies and tactics that you can apply immediately to build bigger, better brands and drive bottom-line results
  • New knowledge to transform your staff into brand ambassadors
  • We are confident you will recover the cost of the conference by implementing just a few of the strategies shared during The Brands Convention

    Your attendance at The Brands Convention is your passport to networking with Directors, Managers, Specialists, Leaders, Professionals and Consultants of:
  • Advertising
  • Internal Communications
  • Corporate Communications
  • Corporate & Brand Identity
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Employee Relations
  • Market Research
  • Online Marketing

    For more information or to book for the conference, contact Vanessa Wallace on (021) 441 2500 or

  • 29 Sep 2006 14:08