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Women The Brand Conference - It's an Eve-olution!

In the media, the world's biggest advertising and marketing services conglomerates are stating how they have been missing the mark when it comes to marketing to their female consumers.
Women The Brand Conference - It's an Eve-olution!Publicis Groupe, the world's fourth largest marketing conglomerate, recently issued a statement about how they could have increased their business tenfold, with female viewers, over the period of the Soccer World Cup. "We've certainly missed an opportunity," stated Maurice Levy, Chief executive of Publicis Groupe.

Taking into consideration that women constitute 41% of the South African working population, that they own 70% of informal business in the country and that 40% of black households are run by women it would make sense that advertisers and marketers need to address issues concerning their miscommunication with a powerful mass of consumers.

The 'Women The Brand Conference' is organised by Top Conference and Events and is proudly endorsed by The Businesswomen's Association of South Africa and the Top Women in Business and Government Publication. Our Proud Media Partners for the event is Women24, Brand Magazine and The We have also established a Strategic Alliance Partnership with African Response.

The line-up of speakers include experts such as Chris Moerdyk, Corporate Marketing Analyst and Advisor, Michelle Buthelezi of the Businesswomen's Association, Sam Wilson, who is Editor-in-Chief of the leading website, Connie Nkosi, Board Member of Pick 'n Pay, Dr Anina Maree, Associate Director of Media at Africa Response, Nic Bednall of BBDO and Retha Van Hove, Advertising Manager of Peugeot Motors SA.

Other top contributors are Illana Melzer, co-founder of Eighty20 Consulting, Venashree Pillay who is Executive Head Corporate Communications at Cell C, Francois Hoffmann, of Adcock Ingram Healthcare, Alison Tucker, Managing Director of Added Value, Sean McCoy, Managing Director of HKLM and Greg Maloka, Director of Instant Grass.

ImagineNation Alliance will also be screening an exclusive documentary, at the Women The Brand Conference on the 26th and 27th July 2006 in Johannesburg, based on the findings of their WomenNation study. The study was conducted to gain an understanding of the typical South African woman consumer. To date they have interviewed 800 women and their findings will enlighten delegates with the most up-to-date demographics ensuring that they market more successfully to women.

We are elated to announce a special appearance by Tim Plewman who will be presenting extracts from his renowned theatre production 'Defending the Caveman' which has been running throughout South Africa for the past eight years to sold out houses.

This first-of-its-kind marketing conference aims to create a platform where representatives of brands in South Africa will address the South African marketing community and relay how they have adapted their marketing programs to successfully communicate with women. We will be decoding various marketing and advertising strategies to determine which campaigns work and why.

The conference also aims to provide insight into the decision-making and thought processes women engage in when deciding what brands and products to buy. This is the ideal opportunity for South African businesses to become skilled in the art of marketing to women.

For further information, contact Lee-Anne Barnard on 021-441 2500 or email
19 Jul 2006 09:25