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We need to talk... about why you need a specialist digital agency and more specifically, ours

It was the Instagram post that launched a thousand comments. Without going into great detail about the Instagram post in question - it's our belief that a few have already come to mind. We've all seen them, a few will remain seared into our memories and others have given rise to copycat posts. The social media posts that have elicited strong emotions, raucous laughter and disbelief amongst so many.
We need to talk... about why you need a specialist digital agency and more specifically, ours

That one, or a few posts, that have won over the hearts, likes and retweets of millions across the world. However, for many the formula behind going viral is one that has yet to be discovered.

What makes something seemingly average and an everyday occurrence attract millions of eyeballs and garner the ‘viral’ title? Going viral is, in most respects, the luck of the draw. In other respects, it’s not luck but the culmination of the ideas and strategies of some of the greatest digital and strategic masterminds.

Social media remains one of the great frontiers that many brands have yet to conquer. Luckily, that doesn’t have to be your problem.

It’s ours to tackle.

ATKASA is a specialist digital agency, which should come as no surprise given the introduction and first paragraph. However, our foray into the digital landscape is not what makes us different- it’s how we’ve gone about it. It’s our belief that PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets should remain in the high towers of investment banking firms and insurance companies. They are of little use to us in the fast-paced digital space and creative industry and here’s why. We have our own systems, which are efficient and enable us to do the job with little to no hiccups. Our clients can in real time see their campaigns take shape on their client interface of via mobile apps on the go. Our clients are witness to the creative direction of their campaigns, can engage with the creative team and make changes where they see fit to reduce any further changes down the line.

ATKASA has been in business for over a decade, which in the digital space makes us geriatric, solely based on our experience but in traditional agencies - we’re in our infancy.

However, we see both as advantages.

We’ve come of ‘age’ when the shift to digital became more profound and has seen paperbacks become titles on Kindles. The changes have been rapid and newer technologies like augmented reality and VR digital spaces have gained popularity over what was once the frontier of digital communication, the email. In the years we’ve been serving clients, we’ve also made changes to systems and processes which have made it easier and more efficient to take on clients with different digital needs and different markets.

We don’t sign our clients into long-term contracts because we prefer to give our clients an agency relationship. Our clients choose to stay with us rather than feel obliged to, because we believe long term relationships are whats needed not the long term contracts. We believe in exceptional service, quality work and most of all true ROI on all things Digital , speaking of ROI we are one of very few agencies that give clients 100% transparency in their reporting by providing our clients with LIVE reporting on all things digital whether you wish to keep track of your campaign during the day or check on performance at night in bed using our reporting app, you always know what’s going on.

Cost is usually the barrier to great things happening. People have an aversion to paying an arm, leg and left kidney to enlist the services of digital mavens and creatives and we think that cost shouldn't be the reason that clients shy away. Which is why we bill reasonably and fairly, and clients understand and know what they’re being billed for with the ability to track each project and retainer live on our systems with per minute tracking on work we do for the client.

Whether you’re in the market for a digital agency or would like to have a chat - our doors and DMs are always open.

ATKASA - Digital Agency +27 011 024 3847 moc.asakta@ofni

4 Mar 2020 11:04