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ATKASA - Ahead of the game

When thinking of digital agencies one can be forgiven for assuming that one digital agency is much like another. That words like "disruption", "innovation" and "blue sky thinking" are oft-used phrases bandied about by semi-talented young hipsters, that often fail to culminate in any tangible results for their clients. More often, the dubious agencies in question, are more interested in winning those much-coveted awards, than in delivering any real return on investment.
However, ATKASA Digital Agency is one of those rare entities that is actively disrupting this stereotype. This is an agency that has innovation at the very heart of every campaign which they undertake. From an utterly ground-breaking billing and reporting system, where clients are able to view where any project is at, in real time; to a traffic system that is entirely automated to an agency that has no fixed contracts with their clients as they believe the client-agency relationship is wholly based on building long-term partnerships as opposed to long-term contracts.

Headed by self-confessed maverick, Managing Director and founder, Leon Marinus, who fully subscribes to the ethos, “you’re only as good as your last campaign” this is an agency that talks the talk and walks the walk.

Says Marinus, “When I started ATKASA my overriding ambition was to establish an agency that did absolutely everything better and faster. That I would continue to raise the bar after every campaign to ensure our clients were assured of my commitment to their bottom line. Fortunately, I was unencumbered by the 'old school' thinking that determined a prescribed, or formulaic approach to digital marketing so I was free to chart a direction that I believed in. A large part of our success can be attributed to our absolutely 100% customer-centric approach.”

“In the 10 years that the agency has been in operation, I have observed first-hand the enormous changes that this industry has experienced with many players lacking the agility to respond accordingly. It is my firm belief that most agencies are weighted down by top heavy structures, and a lack of commitment to any kind of transformation which is very short sighted,” continues Marinus

In keeping with this inclusive mindset, ATKASA recently launched their in-house public relations division, ATKASA-PRO in response to their clients’ express requirements to combine these two, often disparate disciplines, to ensure holistic synergy in all communication.

“We’ve all heard it: if you’re not innovating, you’re dying. We, as an agency, wanted to future-proof our business and be proactive in our response to our clients’ needs. And in so doing, really live up to a 360-degree approach,” adds Marinus.

In the not-too-distant future, ATKASA, plans on launching a walk-in service for entrepreneurs looking for a simple logo design, or a brochure, or an uncomplicated, but effective, website designed quite literally while they wait, and within a pre-determined budget.

“As a businessman, I believe that small business, and in particular entrepreneurs, are going to be the backbone in building the South African economy. Necessity has driven the process, so we would like to play our part in supporting all business - large or small - and getting behind making South Africa work.” concludes Marinus.

12 Feb 2019 12:19