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Artificial Intelligence: the future of digital marketing

Learning and understanding artificial intelligence will become mandatory for marketers as we have reached a stage in our evolution so to speak, where if you do not incorporate forward-thinking technology into your strategy it might be considered wanting.
Some marketers may worry that the shift from traditional marketing is going to backfire, which can never happen as traditional marketing still is the foundation for strategies that are developed. If anything, new technologies like artificial intelligence are designed to improve marketing efforts.

In this blog, we unpack the how you can incorporate artificial intelligence into your marketing strategy:

Chat Bots

These have replaced a human answering a frequently asked question. These are usually found on social media sites or alternatively on the landing page of a website. These AI-powered chat bots provide consumers with fulfilling information without the interference of a human.

Targeted Advertising

AI can read keyword searches, social media profiles and other data to ensure online ads become more effective. This saves money by not advertising to a demographic that does not require the service or product.

Future Forecast

With artificial intelligence designed to collect consumer patterns hand in hand with other data, marketers will be able to predict future trends more easily.

Tailored Pricing

Often when searching for a product, what follows are pop up ads that appear on your Instagram or Facebook. This is because your cookies have provided marketers with information that helps them tailor their pricing to suit your needs as indicated via your search.

It is predicted that AI is set to become more and more of a trend into 2019, but testing it or implementing it, should now be what most brands are doing. Read our blogs and follow us on social media for more informative articles and updates like this one.

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1 Jan 2019 15:22