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BWT's Pink continues to light up Formula 1 in 2019

BWT - The Best Water Technology Group stays on the F1 grid continuing as a Formula 1 principal sponsor in 2019. This year, the two pink cars with the drivers Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll will be racing as SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team.
Car design 2019. Source: BWT AG
Car design 2019. Source: BWT AG

Contrary to recent speculations, the new Formula 1 cars from Racing Point (formerly Force India) made a spectacular appearance in its familiar Pink livery at the Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto. The new team logo: SportPesa Racing Point BWT is as fresh as the pink colour.

After two successful years, BWT, Europa’s leading water treatment company, is continuing its commitment to Formula 1 in collaboration with Racing Point. Andreas Weissenbacher, BWT CEO, commented on the association: “There were no doubts about our interest for continuing our Formula 1 engagement. We would like to get all fans enthusiastic about our Pink livery. Our sponsorship activities are meanwhile an important part of our brand and marketing strategy with its high end engagement in the top class of motor sports."

“We’re very proud that our pink cars are back cutting a dash in Formula 1 2019 and looking forward to new top results in the sport. Based on the good collaboration and friendship with the race team, we are quite sure to continue with them the path of success in the new race season,” says Lutz Hübner, Head of Marketing at the BWT Group.

Magnesium Mineralized Water. Do something good, for yourself and for the world. Source: BWT AG
Magnesium Mineralized Water. Do something good, for yourself and for the world. Source: BWT AG

BWT hereby also commits to its engagement, with Racing Point as Partner in Formula 1, to provide the world with safe drinking water, working hard to see water both treated and consumed locally ̶ no disposable bottles, no plastic waste and no long transport routes.

BWT with its technologies strives to provide access to healthy, hygienically clean and safe drinking water according to recent WHO standards all over the world. Furthermore, the tap water may be enhanced with minerals like magnesium and zinc, individually customised to our customers’s needs and wishes to achieve highest standards, wether it is hot, cold, ambient or sparkling. Water is our elixir of life – from local sources and in the best possible quality.

Andreas Weissenbacher concludes: “I am delighted that our engagement in Formula 1 drives next to the success and top class results in the sport also our further rollout of our vision BWT – For You and Planet Blue.”

BWT Headquarters Mondsee. Source: BWT AG
BWT Headquarters Mondsee. Source: BWT AG

About BWT

The Best Water Technology Group is Europe’s leading water technology business with a staff of 4,000, working on innovative, economical and ecologically friendly water purification technologies to provide private households, industry, commerce, hotels and municipalities with the safest, healthiest and most hygienic water possible for their day-to-day needs. BWT provides modern purification systems and services for drinking water and water used in pharmaceutical and other processes, heating, boilers, cooling and air conditioning as well as water used in swimming pools. The company’s research and development staff works on new techniques and materials using cutting-edge methods to develop economical and ecologically friendly products. Employees work particularly hard to create products which use fewer resources and less energy, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

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26 Mar 2019 12:14