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Grid wins Hyundai in three-way pitch

Since the mid 90's, Hyundai has quietly moved up the rankings to become SA's third-biggest selling automotive brand. This noteworthy achievement tends to leave most people raising their eyebrows and exclaiming, "Hyundai, I didn't know that!"
Grid wins Hyundai in three-way pitch

To ensure that the emotional attributes of the Hyundai brand remain in sync with sales, Hyundai put the account out to pitch in mid June. After an intensive credentials and 'chemistry' session managed by IAS, Grid was shortlisted with two other agencies. Marketing director at Hyundai, Oscar Makola explains, "It was important to partner with a lead agency that clearly has the capability and skill set wide and varied enough to deal with the demands of our business as it enters the next phase of its life cycle."

Grid went all out. "From the start, we saw it as our brand, tailor-made for Grid", says Nathan Reddy. "They wanted to play in culture; culture is our playground. They wanted to infuse the brand with meaning at every touchpoint; we are the make it mean something company. They said we have to get results; we said our process is called investment creative because it yields returns," he adds.

Oscar Makola confirms that Grid hit the sweet spot, "Grid was selected for their fully integrated capabilities, which will ensure that we drive customer experience levels to new heights for Hyundai".

Grid is delighted with its win and believes this is the opportunity Grid has been waiting for. Adam Byars, joint CEO elaborates, "We are a new kind of communications company ready to demonstrate a new approach."

The account moves to Grid from 1 September. Watch this space.

8 Aug 2019 13:40