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Today is the only day you have to spend - today

VETTA Internationale is back to start another stellar year. We have a new logo and an international image. We're making each moment count as we train thousands across South Africa.
Today is the only day you have to spend - today
Salespeople love the old "For Today Only" spiel. It's a pressure ploy I don't enjoy, and so I rarely respond. Think about this, though. If we were to transform this sense of urgency into excitement instead, there's a great truth here:

"Today is the only day you have to spend... today!"

We're back to start a stellar 2019 - a natural day to think about the year behind us and the year ahead.

Excitement floods my mind when I think that "Yesterday is history; we survived another year in our tough economy; and today is a gift - which is why we call it, 'the present'." (I've tweaked the words slightly because the origins, themselves, are clouded in mystery!)

It's also a gift as we launch our new company logo. To celebrate our 20th anniversary we felt it was time to give the company a fresh look that brings our company in line with where we are today.

I don't know what the past months, or even years, have been like for you; those yesterdays may have been good, or they may have been otherwise. Like most, you may have regrets. The fact is, those regrets are not worth today's time and attention, unless the thought of them provokes some kind of useful change... today.

Just for today, let them go!

As for tomorrow, and the future, many of us have a much brighter future ahead, but we can't 'spend' that time yet - we can't touch it - no, not yet. There's only today - for one day only.

Many of you demonstrate the emotional intelligence that puts off pleasure now so that you may have a better future. You are deferring reward today so that you can have a bigger reward in some imagined tomorrow for which you are sensibly preparing. I respect that. However, I believe it unwise to invest all of today's time in building a better future. Let there be an element of today that is your gift to yourself for this moment in time - the present - for this present.

This is why I did a 07h00 yoga practice this morning - my personal gift for today. In fact it is my consistent gift every day. The blend of emotional, physical and spiritual not only kickstarts my day, it has actually changed my life since I started three-and-a-half years ago.

Whatever you desire today, let there be fun and laughter. The year ahead is long, but also short. Appreciate the 'now' and live in the present. It's not easy as we're often victims of the past or dreamers of the future. Make living in the 'present' your goal for 2019.

As VETTA Internationale spreads its wings and soars, we are reminded as to how many peoples' lives it has changed and served over the years; how present we need to remain to keep our work real and how many new people we still need to reach.

An enriching thought of the day...

15 Jan 2019 14:04


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