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Training to help businesses thrive through tough economic times now made more affordable

Essential staff and leadership training, suitable to all business sectors and industries, is now extremely affordable through Vetta Communication's Spring Promotion, which offers 50% off on their 2017 public workshops for those who book and pay before the end of September.
Training to help businesses thrive through tough economic times now made more affordable

Vetta Communication is a dynamic company that has been offering unique and specialised training and development to small, medium and large businesses for over 18 years. They have 60 essential skills courses on offer (for both employees and business leaders) which are delivered in a fresh, vibrant and interesting format that moves away from the staid and possibly boring image that many people have when it comes to staff training.

Training and development provide that competitive edge

The current tough economic times being experienced in South Africa make it harder for businesses in all sectors and industries to prosper and grow their profits. Companies of all sizes are operating in a fast-paced, highly competitive and evolving business world, and because of this any advantage or 'edge' is valuable and necessary in order to stand out amongst your competitors.

According to Lionel Bourgeois, a director, trainer and coach at Vetta Communication, the most valuable resource a business has is its human capital. “They are the workforce that keep things running, the front of house that interacts with customers, and the face of your business. They are ultimately the make-or-break for most organisations and because of this you cannot afford not to harness, grow and retain your team members – particularly in a recession.”

Happy customers impact your bottom line

Consider customer service for a moment – an area in which Vetta offer training to employees and management at all levels through a variety of courses, such as: The Psychology of Customer Connection; Positive Selling, Understanding Customers; and Complaints Handling – to name only a few.

“A businesses’ customers or clients are what keeps them turning a profit. However, many businesses settle for providing their customers and clients with just ‘good’ customer service, where a customer is kept satisfied, as opposed to ‘great’ customer service, where you are not only doing what it takes to make them satisfied – but go above and beyond to keep these customers loyal. On the other end of the scale is bad customer service – something we have all experienced. Studies show that 60% of consumers are unlikely to ever return to a company that had provided them with bad service in the past.”

“I believe that rather than spending a lot of money on paid advertising to promote a business, organisations should rather invest in creating customer experiences that have them returning time after time,” says Bourgeois. “Great customer service doesn’t only put a smile on the customer’s face, it helps you understand your customer, define your company, and impacts your bottom line.”

Happy employees through a refreshed leadership approach

Bourgeois goes on to discuss the issue of staff happiness and how it effects a businesses’ overall success.

“Unhappy employees are not motivated to go above and beyond in their field of work. They are not effective brand ambassadors for an organisation, and in fact can do more harm than good – we have all been on the receiving end of an unhappy client services person and know the detrimental effect it has on the entire interaction with that business. Unhappy employees also lead to higher staff turnovers, resulting in added costs to an organisation to refill that position and train the new person, etc.

“Often, unhappiness amongst employees comes from a lack of effective leadership from management or from management that leads through fear, meaning your employees work in fear. The younger generation workforce, in particular, do not respond well to this leadership method and because of this managers need to change their approach to one where they lead with love, as only love and respect lead to success.

“Vetta offer coaching and training to all levels of management to help organisations work in collective harmony, respect and trust – accentuated with hope and a spirit of community – an approach well suited for today’s tough economic times and a world that is gripped by fear and uncertainty,” says Bourgeois. Vetta’s management courses include, amongst many others: Leadership Skills for Team Leaders; Coaching & Mentoring and Managerial Skills.

Responding to customer needs – value that will return value

"The current Spring Promotion being run by Vetta was developed in response to market needs, and as part of our focus on customer service we have responded by making our public workshops more cost effective.

"Not only is the value extending to our customers through the reduced cost of the workshops, but will also be passed on twofold to our clients whose employees train with us. These employees will in turn increase their outputs, which in turn will increase company profits. Tough financial times mean we all need to step up and step out to look after our client base.”

In addition to the public workshops, Vetta offer all of their courses via online training as well as through unique in-house one- and two-day training. Vetta also do customised training which is developed according to their clients’ specific needs.

For more information on #VettaSpringPromo and to view the scheduled public workshops visit their website on This 50% discount special applies to all public workshops scheduled for 2017. Workshops must be booked and paid for by 30 September 2017 to qualify. #LearnGrowLead

24 Aug 2017 16:10