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Decimal Agency appoints new creative director, Lara Petersen

With less than 5% of SA's creative leaders being female, Decimal Agency proudly appoints their new creative director, Lara Petersen.
Lara Petersen, Creative Director, Decimal Agency.
Lara Petersen, Creative Director, Decimal Agency.
Decimal Agency, a leading through-the-line advertising agency, is making bold moves within the industry. Just this year alone, the agency has recently won three new clients and expanded the team from 27 to 35 staff members.

"When your growth is driven by breakthrough creativity, it's vital that you invest in exceptional creative leadership, not only to oversee, but inspire," says Raffaele McCreadie, Managing Director at Decimal Agency. "While working with Lara Petersen for the last year as a creative consultant, our team saw her potential to drive our creative vision and business development goals."

Backed with considerable creds (a Cum Laude BA Degree in English and Media from Wits, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Management from Wits Business School, and Copywriting and Digital Branding certifications from AAA and Vega), Lara's first foray into advertising was as a Key Accounts Manager, before finding her true purpose and passion in the creative department.

Lara has spent the last nine years flexing her copywriting and concept-generating tendons in Creative Strategist, Conceptualist and Head Copywriter positions at top advertising, experiential, marketing and media agencies. Amidst a half-year 'travel-battical' in Europe, Lara has spent the last two years as a strategic creative consultant for various agencies and corporates.

"From the country's number-one cinema house, to a world-leading doughnut brand, to South Africa's favourite Mexican restaurant chain... Decimal's client list is a playground of potential that would thrill any creative thinker! I'm super psyched to see how far we can stretch our clients' success... and, you know, win over some more epic clients and awards in the process," says Lara.

Watch this space...

2 Oct 2019 14:02


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