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Decimal keeps the doughnuts rolling with Krispy Kreme

Decimal Agency snagged a sweet win by keeping the doughnuts of Krispy Kreme rolling onto social media and digital platforms by renewing their contract for a further 12 months. This shows great trust in an agency from a global brand with immense success based off the back of their creativity and human-ness.
Decimal keeps the doughnuts rolling with Krispy Kreme
What does this mean? This shows how even client relationships can be won, one doughnut at a time while also placing us at the forefront of creating sharing relatable content for lovers of those sweet rings, dipped in an OG glaze and accompanied by a lovely “local blend, American trend” cup of coffee.

Based on the current trend of start-up agencies coming in with new ideas and talent, we’re forced to rethink the way we look at advertising, and, just as important, building better relationships with clients.

Director Raffaele Mc Creadie of Decimal Agency says, “We at Decimal Agency love a great treat, and this was a perfect start to the week just before the festive. We think of Krispy Kreme more like family, as they have welcomed us to their business and we have welcomed them to South Africa with cool ideas, executions and creativity by immersing ourselves within their culture and their business.”

Here’s to dozens more of cool content and great work from Decimal Agency, while also leading the way in building sustainable relationships with clients that result in longstanding partnerships.

12 Dec 2018 12:37


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