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Decimal Agency: New home, new opportunities

At the beginning of November 2017 Decimal Agency took up residence in our new home. Though only a stone's throw away from our old crib, this new space offers more room for us to stretch our creativity and grow our team.
Decimal Agency: New home, new opportunities
The new space is shared by four companies: Decimal Agency, Atomic Marketing (below the line marketing), Studio 18 (website development), and iRam (data analytics). We came together in this space to push each other to new heights and collaborate on projects which will offer our clients even more value. In keeping with the theme of shared space and collaboration, we decided to name the new offices The Co-Lab.

Once we’re all fully settled, the space will be a playground that any creative would love to work in. When it came to planning the space, we called on the employees of the companies involved to present ideas of what their ideal office space would look like. Plans are laid down for pool and ping-pong tournaments, walls that you can write on, walls that are alive with plants, and other artistic elements to feast your eyes on.

But moving into a new space isn’t all about redecorating, it’s also about the actual space we now have. We now have more room to grow our team, from 20 to 35 members by 2019.

So come swing by our new home one Friday and play a game of pool, have a drink, or just say hey, we’d love for you to see it. Our address is still Bruma Boulevard Office Park, 20 Zulberg Close, Bruma – we’ve just moved from Building 2 to Building 1.

12 Dec 2017 13:39


We’re a team of young creatives who are dynamic in concept, sophisticated in design and strategic in our thinking.What’s the key to building a brand during a recession? An advertising agency that is small enough to care but big enough to matter.
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