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How Decimal Agency launched a product in under two weeks

Working in the advertising industry is like a box of chocolates - you truly never know what you're going to get every morning you arrive at the office. During the final week of July, we were approached by one of our clients to help launch a new insurance product - by Women's Day on 9 August.
Before the launch could take place, we were required to produce a website, product video, social media pages, and vlog content all with the very short lead time of just under two weeks. In the end, and after many days spent highly caffeinated, we were able to deliver everything that was required of us.

The product that we were tasked with launching was My Personal Lifeline - an insurance policy that offers subscribers a way out of a bad situation and helps them get back on their feet afterwards. Benefits include emergency medical assistance, security services in the event of a home invasion, support for victims of domestic abuse, and counselling after these traumatic events.

How Decimal Agency launched a product in under two weeks

With crime in South Africa being a topic that’s seemed almost impossible escape in the past few months, we immediately saw the value of a product that empowers people to change their situation.

We wrote website content, came up with a design, and coded the full site in just over a week. On top of this we needed to produce an informative introductory video, which entailed writing a script, coordinating people to share their experiences with us, filming on location, editing, and adding post-production effects.

With the time constraints and the amount of work required, we naturally started feeling a little nervous. But always ready to rise to a challenge, the team threw themselves into the task with all their effort.

It hasn’t been long enough since the initial launch to report back on how our campaign has fared thus far, but if you’re interested in finding out what we can pull out of the hat with a very short lead time, visit the website at

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