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Decimal Agency to launch Lee Cooper South Africa

Decimal Agency has been been selected as the lead agency of communication for Lee Cooper in sub-Saharan Africa.
In the past Decimal has worked with a number of international fashion and denim lifestyle brands, which has given us a huge amount of insight into the South African fashion industry.

Decimal Agency to launch Lee Cooper South Africa
“Our cursive knowledge around apparel, footwear and accessories in the fashion industry, with a key focus on denim lifestyle brands, gave us the competitive edge,” comments Raffaele Mc Creadie, Managing Director of Decimal Agency.

“We’re excited for the Lee Cooper global rebrand and are honoured to be selected as the agency to execute it within the South African market,” claims Mc Creadie.

Lee Cooper is a world-renowned denim brand that originated on the streets of east London in 1908. Like some of the other denim brands on the market today, Lee Cooper’s heritage lies in workwear and they started out by producing overalls for the workforce of London at the turn of the century. During the First and Second World Wars, Lee Cooper converted its production of workwear to military uniforms for the British army. This solidified Lee Cooper’s reputation for making tough, long-lasting denim wear.

After the wars Lee Cooper continued to innovate, and they were the first denim brand to introduce jeans with a front zipper. This may seem commonplace now, but in 1952 it was revolutionary. As time went on, the brand became known for causing a stir in fashion, with the introduction of coloured denim, shrink-to-fit jeans, and the first 32” bell-bottom flare jeans. Lee Cooper went London Punk in the 1980s, entering into partnerships with famous musicians, most notably The Rolling Stones. Today they remain one of the most sought-after denim brands in Europe. Today they remain one of the most sought-after denim fashion brands internationally.

International fashion brands have gained a huge amount of popularity in the South African market in recent years, which has led to an influx of international retail stores such as Cotton On, Topshop, and H&M to see the growing trend. Where Lee Cooper differs from other brands, however, is that they do not do what is known as "fast fashion" - disposable clothing that fits a trend and isn’t intended to be worn more than a year down the line, but rather as a “street” or lifestyle brand. Lee Cooper offers high-quality denim in classic cuts - the staple item in any lasting fashionable closet. Over the last decade, Lee Cooper has worked hard at repositioning their brand as a frontrunner in the denim lifestyle market.

“We are delighted to be working with Decimal Agency to take the Lee Cooper brand to market in South Africa and look forward to a great working relationship,” commented the Lee Cooper South Africa Management Team.

Decimal Agency looks forward to partnering with a brand that has such a long and rich heritage to draw from. Keep an eye out for more updates about this new player on the South African fashion scene as we roll out our creative.

9 Jun 2017 10:18


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