Spark Media celebrates strong women!

In celebration of this week's upcoming Women's Day, and as a nod to August as Women's Month, Spark Media invited each of its female colleagues to flex their feminine muscles.
We can do it! This month Spark Media celebrates all the wonderful women that ignite our efforts in every way.

The iconic image originates from World War II and was created to boost female worker morale during a dark time for everyone.

Our circumstances have changed a great deal since then, but in a society that is still male-dominated; our Spark women have stood head-and-shoulders above the status quo.

The image represents the strength, ingenuity, and enduring ability that women at Spark show on a daily basis. 77% of Spark Media’s fantastic team are women, and we couldn’t be prouder of their commitment to always going above and beyond in everything that they do.

Our teams thrive on creativity, and CEO of Spark Media, Gill Randall, has this message: “To all our Spark women, we would like to celebrate you this women’s month for your incredible creativity, resourcefulness, and can-do attitude that ultimately defines our business. You are an inspiration to us all.”

“We associate this image with the power of women, and the enduring vigour that has had a lasting impact on all generations of women around the world."

8 Aug 2019 13:57


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