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Bayeza: closing the talent gap

Young black talent taken under the Boomtown creative wing
Boomtown’s Bayeza programme was developed four years ago to nurture the talent of young creatives from previously disadvantaged communities, who are still studying, or who have recently completed their studies. It came to fruition with the realisation that there was a large group of young creative talent that could not knock down the barriers to entry into the industry because of a lack of experience.

On the programme, Andrew MacKenzie, Boomtown Managing Director, says: “South Africa has an abundance of eager graduates looking to make their mark in industry, and it’s fostering this talent that will lead to the country being a strong competitor in the global market.

“Bayeza graduates are fast-tracked through the agency giving them a rounded understanding of life at Boomtown so they know what to expect when they enter full-time employment. Exposing them to a fast-paced agency life, the individuals come out being highly employable, and knowledgable on what they want from their career.”

The next generation

Boomtown is looking for its next team of creative graduates to join the agency from April 1st. Applications are open to candidates in marketing, graphic design, copywriting, brand strategy, PR and social media. Candidates can email their CVs through to until March 11th, 2016.

In 2015, Bayeza took on five individuals who are soon to leave the programme as it welcomes its new influx of graduates. Discover their stories here:

Lisa Snyman, PR and social media

Bayeza: closing the talent gap

Port Elizabeth born and raised, Lisa studied Public Relations and Communications at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU), and is currently pursuing her Honours. Beginning in working on the Boomtown brand she quickly transitioned to working on the agency’s brands, handling: content research, digital trend identification, market research, blogger and media liaison, copywriting, social media monitoring and content creation and curation.

“I have learned and soaked up so much, and I found myself doing things I never thought I was capable of. Moving forward I know as my career shifts and changes, I will always appreciate where I began at Boomtown, because it has shown me all elements of agency life,” comments Lisa.

Musa Jacobs, HR

Bayeza: closing the talent gap

An Adelaide girl, Musa studied her Bachelor of Administration (BAdmin) degree at NMMU, and majored in industrial and organisational psychology and public administration. She says, “Being part of Bayeza, I have been exposed to the vast role that HR encompasses, and also gained a lot of relevant and transferable skills. Looking back on the year I see I have developed my business acumen, and know that I can be a valuable team member.” Comments Musa. “HR is a rewarding but challenging field but I find it so rewarding – I cannot wait for the rest of my career!”

Davanitha Moodley, design

Bayeza: closing the talent gap

After taking a gap year in New York to au pair following her studies in graphic design at NMMU, Davanitha joined Boomtown’s Bayeza initiative as a design intern. “I have had a great experience being part of Boomtown, and learnt so much from its senior designers and have improved my skills immensely – though I know I still have a lot to learn,” Davanitha adds. Being exposed to all kinds of design, and being part of a team she says she is most proud of the times when they solve a problem as a team.”

Teddy Mtati, account executive

Bayeza: closing the talent gap

A PE guy, Teddy spent time away from the city playing rugby before coming back to study business management with majors in finance and administration management. On his standout moment, Teddy says: “We were having a client meeting and I put forward some of my thoughts, and the client acknowledged and applauded my contribution. It was a moment where my experience, lessons learnt from mentors and the broadening of my skills came together.”

Unathi Dyani, design

Bayeza: closing the talent gap

Unathi grew up in the Transkei and came to Port Elizabeth to study graphic design at NMMU. “Being part of Bayeza I have been lucky enough to work across the client base, even international ones, on all facets of design,” comments Unathi. “I knew I would improve my knowledge, but my confidence has also grown. University was a huge learning experience, but the real world is a whole new ball game.”

His standout moment thus far has been a design chosen by the client, Castle Milk Stout, and rolled out nationally. “Admittedly it has been subject to some changes, but to know that I have been associated with the work is immensely satisfying,” he adds.

23 Feb 2016 14:55