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Since 1995 Global Access has specialized in providing public and private institutions with a comprehensive suite of digital signage and telecommunications services.

Our products are effectively designed for immediate communication with clients, customers, staff and other stakeholders.


Digital signage - reaching your staff with effective internal communication

Digital signage solutions take on many different forms, creating fresh and enticing ways for advertisers and businesses to captivate their target audiences. One area digital signage is becoming more prevalent in is the corporate environment, being effectively utilised for internal communications. Digital signage has opened up a new platform that is incredibly successful in getting employees to take note of company information.
Digital signage - reaching your staff with effective internal communication
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Digital signage solutions are quickly starting to replace written memos, bulletin boards and internal emails in office spaces globally - There is research and many valid arguments suggesting inward facing digital signage solutions being a more valuable and effective tool for information circulation than any other communications platform.

The advantages of digital signage solutions over traditional methods in terms of internal communication really put the emphasis back into the "communication" aspect of internal communication. By narrowcasting information to a group of relevant employees it provokes discussion - a stark contrast to staff receiving group emails that can be treated like junk mail and just disregarded.

Digital signage solutions present businesses with the opportunity to make a real connection with their employees, being more direct, dynamic and providing more openness than traditional internal communication. It also has the advantages of being constant and current.

By communicating updates and relevant info to employees on company activity it makes staff feel like they are part of the company and gives them more ownership over their role with the organisation. This, in turn, assists employees to make better decisions for the benefit of the organisation as well as improving staff morale and productivity.

With the Dynamic Digital Signage solution from Global Access, you can segment a digital screen to play not only your company/marketing information, but combine it with DStv and RSS feeds, updating and entertaining staff as well. This digital platform should be one of your most important brand awareness and communication tools in order to enhance the internal corporate image of your organisation.

A digital signage platform can consolidate all the company based information, displaying specific messages to either a particular group of employees or for all employees. Office based digital signage solutions allow employers to disseminate a wide range of information such as:
    - Mission and Vision statements
    - Sales figures
    - Alerts
    - Health and Safety notifications
    - Training information
    - Upcoming company events
    - Motivational messages
    - Marketing info
    - Brand awareness content
With the network Global Access has in place, content gets distributed via satellite and monitored from our control room in Johannesburg - this means content gets to all branches/offices at the same time and Global Access can monitor which screens are not displaying content. This network can be separate from your company LAN, meaning no management or maintenance from your side.

A digital signage network has the potential to grow from one office or department into a company wide network. Screens can be placed in staff rooms, sales departments, show rooms, warehouses or pause areas within the office space. Content can be segmented for specific departments or buildings, thereby giving you, the employer, the means of communicating target specific messages to a specific target audience within your organisation.

The future of digital signage within internal communication platforms is fast becoming the norm and any organisation serious about clear and concise communication with their staff should make this a priority project.

At the end of the day, your organisation is only as good as the most informed and motivated staff member - Digital signage is a tool to enhance this.

For more information of queries, please contact:

Brad Willson

Director - Digital Signage

Tel: 011 350 2225


16 Jul 2013 11:12


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