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Since 1995 Global Access has specialized in providing public and private institutions with a comprehensive suite of digital signage and telecommunications services.

Our products are effectively designed for immediate communication with clients, customers, staff and other stakeholders.


Taking communication to the next level with IPtv

Global Access is now offering clients a new solution to content distribution via IPtv. This can be integrated into your existing digital signage platform as well as your existing IT structure.
Taking communication to the next level with IPtvIPtv, or Internet Protocol Television, refers to video content that is distributed over an IP network. This IP network is the same kind of network people use to surf the internet and exchange emails. More and more companies have realised that IPtv could enable them to distribute more than just television content, thereby giving them a new communication tool.

An IPtv system deployed within a business or corporate environment enables hundreds of channels with video content to be viewed on an unlimited number of TVs, PCs and Tablets connected to their existing data network.

You can easily distribute satellite television, radio, DVD content, and web content throughout your facility. To combine and make use of these platforms can prove very powerful. What is more is that Global Access can help you use this platform to distribute your digital signage, Video On Demand content, e.g. training material and information boards. All of this multimedia content can be viewed on standard and high definition TVs as well as PCs, desktops, smart phones and tablets.

How does it work?

Video signals are converted into streams of data which pass over the network in the same way as other data traffic. To minimise the demand on network bandwidth a specific form of transmission known as IP multicasting is used.

At the viewing point, e.g. a TV, all the sources are listed and controls provided to select which source is viewed. A small IP Receiver connects a TV to your network and is controlled using an infra-red remote control handset. On PC screens a control panel is displayed on the screen from where a channel can be selected so it does not require any additional hardware. The selected channel is viewed via a media player such as Windows Media Player, and can be displayed as a small sizeable window or full screen.

Why use IPtv?

IPtv brings new levels of control and flexibility to video content distribution. The screen based interface can be customised to client specific requirements, reflecting corporate branding while a message board enables information to be disseminated to users. This same interface can provide access to an indexed library of video content such as training material, Health and Safety information, films, presentations, recordings of live performances and live TV.

Some examples of where IPtv could be used:
  1. Hotels and conference venues: An IPtv network can be set up so that TVs in all the rooms display an interface from where guests can access live TV channels, presentations of the hotel group, marketing material and selected 'pay-to-view' channels.
  2. Financial institutions: Rate boards, marketing material and customer information can be displayed on different screens within branches. In the main office buildings staff communication can then be displayed in canteens and pause areas.
  3. Public areas: Different advertising content, live TV, news feeds, etc. can be displayed and be arranged on screens according to location, demographics, venue and time of day. IPtv enables TVs to be used to project digital signage and information displays under centralised control. This level of control provides the perfect tool for communication, marketing, and projection of your corporate image as well as publicising the company's greatest achievements.
  4. Hospitals and medical centres: Content can be distributed according to location e.g baby products and info in maternity wards, medication displayed in dispensary, medical aids can advertise in doctors' rooms etc.
  5. Government organisations: Public information, directional signage, live TV and safety messages can be distributed amongst different screens, all from the IPtv network.
  6. Universities and educational centres: Student information can be directed to screens. Learning and training material can be distributed to different screens where necessary and even live lectures can be sent to screens in other locations for distance learning.
A few of the most important benefits concerning IPtv are:
  • Most organisations already have an IP network capable of supporting video which they can use, making IPtv an incremental cost with tremendous ROI potential
  • Capacity for hundreds of TV and video sources depending on size of locations and geographical areas
  • Managerial control over individual viewing, enabling segmented content distribution
  • No distance limitations on view points
  • Manageable bandwidth requirements
  • Does not compromise network security
  • Highly modular and readable expandable at any stage
  • Distribute channels over WAN links for viewing at remote sites
  • Create your own Video On Demand library for training and reference purposes staff can access at any stage
Benefits of using Global Access to manage IPtv

Most traditional IPtv providers will look at only installing the system for a client. They install a whole range of services that will take the live TV channels and converts it to an IP system with a server that hosts all the 'On Demand' content and then let the clients' IT department manage the system (which can create a lot of extra work for them and push up resources and costs).

Global Access can assist with the installation of IPtv, content creation, scheduling and distribution, network management and maintenance of the system. We can combine the IPtv with our digital signage and/or broadcasting platforms, thereby giving you more options when it comes to a 'content' perspective.

Global Access will monitor, manage and distribute your content over the IPtv platform, as well as ensure updates are done on the system and that servers are always backed-up on a regular basis.

We will assist you with getting content rights for entertainment and sports channels and can set up your 'pay-per-view' channels which will assist you in revenue sharing, thereby minimising your operating costs.

Apart from that Global Access has our own call centre and maintenance teams, enabling us to assist our clients with any technical difficulties they might experience.

For more information on IPtv please contact:

Brad Wilson
Tel: +27 11 350-2225

16 Apr 2013 11:04


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