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Since 1995 Global Access has specialized in providing public and private institutions with a comprehensive suite of digital signage and telecommunications services.

Our products are effectively designed for immediate communication with clients, customers, staff and other stakeholders.


Leverage your Digital Signage to engage with your customer

In the competitive world of retail there is always a need for fresh and cutting-edge ways to engage with customers. New technologies such as digital signage provide new and innovative ways to do just that. It is estimated that the growth in digital signage in South Africa will be more than 25% in 2013 alone.
Leverage your Digital Signage to engage with your customerDigital signage allows you to produce ostentatious, attention-grabbing content in segmented time frames which also eliminates the cost to produce, print, distribute and dispose of print; giving you a communication channel that can distribute content immediately to multiple points at a cost effective rate.

Dynamic digital signage is a great medium to call your customer to action while in a store. Using informative messages and eye-catching visuals is a great way to keep your customers entertained while browsing the store or waiting to pay in a queue. Todays 'technology-savvy' customers are initiating the process for more sophisticated in-branch merchandising. Dynamic digital signage is a useful tool in entertaining customers and giving the brand opportunity to boost sales. You can inform consumers of upcoming and current promotions. This also offers a welcome distraction to bored consumers who might just want to pay and leave, and encourages consumers to make a purchase while in-store or return in the near future to take advantage of the current sale happening in-store.

A major issue within the retail environment is customers getting upset when they have to wait in the queue for a long period of time and chooses to leave the store rather than making a purchase. This can cause strain on sales and customer engagement. An effective queuing system can reduce customer waiting times thereby making sure the customer does not get irritated while waiting in a queue. When a long queue is moving quickly it gives the impression of a fast and efficient service. Staff productivity will increase when queues are effectively managed, and as customers are dealt with at a fast and efficient pace fewer employees are needed to operate the tills.

Consumers connect straight away with retailers that not only understand new technology but use it to meet the needs of evolving consumers engaging with them in a consistent and impactful manner. There is always room to have close relationships with brands and retailers in the digital world.

Contact Global Access today for more information on digital signage and let us help you leverage your existing communication platforms through the use of our dynamic digital signage products.
8 Feb 2013 11:37


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Global Access established in 1995 is a leader in Digital Signage, Broadcast Television, Queue Management and IPtv.

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