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Since 1995 Global Access has specialized in providing public and private institutions with a comprehensive suite of digital signage and telecommunications services.

Our products are effectively designed for immediate communication with clients, customers, staff and other stakeholders.


Global Access welcomes a new client on board: AVIS rent a car - South Africa.

In June 2012 Global Access was approached by AVIS with the need for Dynamic Digital Signage in all the main AVIS branches country wide. A pilot system was installed at the AVIS head office in July in order for AVIS's marketing team to get a better understanding of what the system can offer and to come up with ideas on what type of content they wanted to display.
Global Access welcomes a new client on board: AVIS rent a car - South Africa.Being the first car rental company in South Africa to install such a system AVIS and Global Access worked closely together in order to find the right solution for their need. "Our main need was to move from paper to digital", said Santa Smith, Brand Manager for AVIS. Outdated posters were hanging in branches and the cost of printing really started cutting into the budget with logistical problems becoming a concern as some branches received marketing material too late during campaigns and promotions. AVIS being a Carbon Neutral accredited company also created a need for a lower 'carbon footprint' which a digital signage system would assist with, cutting down on paper usage.

Why use Global Access in comparison to other digital signage companies in South Africa?

"We were in favour of the satellite distribution solution given by Global, as all other signage companies were using 3G connectivity solutions which not only posed problems with low bandwidth limitations in South Africa, but also caused concerns for our IT department. Roll out of the Dynamic Digital Signage systems started in October 2012 and to date 3 new systems have been installed successfully in AVIS branches at the major airports. Another 5 systems are to be installed by early January 2013 and it is foreseen that about 20 systems would be installed by June 2013. Global Access designed the layout for the system as well as some content AVIS wanted that could be used to sell added services and products in their branches, such as their 'rent a GPS' service. The layout also made provision for AVIS's social media platforms, which would enable customers to link to the AVIS Facebook and Twitter pages from their mobile phones while standing in the queue.

The goal of the digital signage systems would be to act as an information and education platform for clients, while waiting in the line at AVIS branches. The system can be used to promote value added services as well as special promotions running over specific periods. "This system gives us more control over our communication and engagement with our clients. It is more dynamic and informs clients immediately about new information, interesting facts as well as educates them on admin charges, vehicle information and emergency numbers" - Santa Smith

This digital platform is perfect for cross-selling as well as advertising as there is a 'captured audience' standing in the queues, and by displaying customer related information the system acts as an informative communications tool relaying important information to the client.

"Our customers are the most important aspect of our work. Where there is a value added service for our customer, we as AVIS will always pursue it." - Santa Smith
7 Feb 2013 11:28


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Global Access established in 1995 is a leader in Digital Signage, Broadcast Television, Queue Management and IPtv.

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