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Absa one step ahead of digital evolution

Absa, one of Global Access' longest standing clients currently have one of the most complex digital signage networks in South Africa and since November 2012 Global Access started to increase that network by upgrading 120 branches with new technology as well as adding an additional 96 new branches to the list. Completion of this project will be finalized early in 2013. This will increase the current network to well over 500 branches, utilizing over 2500 digital screens.
Interesting fact: During this time more than 65km of new cabling will be used to connect all the systems together.

The systems being used by Absa consist of Dynamic Digital Signage, Video on Demand, Intelligent Queuing systems and digital Forex posters. All these systems are controlled through a satellite distribution network from one central point. Global Access in agreement with DStv displays live content as well as relevant marketing material from Absa via the Dynamic Digital Signage platform in all Absa branches. This product was specifically created to engage and entertain clients while standing in the queues, thereby reducing 'perceived waiting periods' in the queues. The Intelligent Queuing system regulates queue flow, making queuing times faster and easier to manage.

The Video on Demand systems are used for internal communication as well as training for staff, enabling better staff engagement and effective communication between management and staff.

What benefit does Absa see in using such a complex network system?

Absa one step ahead of digital evolution
Elsabe Oostehuizen, Consultant Signage and Infrastructure Media, said the following about the digital network system: "Our combination of digital products work together in the engagement and communication between us and our valued customers. The dynamic digital signage system keeps our clients entertained and improves the 'perceived' waiting periods in the queues. The Intelligent Queuing systems help us communicate safety information to our customers as well as regulate the queues in an effective manner. Our staff also finds value in the live broadcasts we do on a weekly basis, communicating important information from management level to all branches country wide. The staff also uses the Video on Demand system in case they missed a live broadcast as well as watching training videos which gets uploaded for them onto the system. The whole system is based on our main need for communication and engagement with our customers and our staff. No other digital network in the country is so complex and Global Access does a fantastic job at keeping everything running smoothly."

Installing digital signage networks in banks have a number of benefits, including engagement with their customers, opportunity for targeted campaigns, security messages and improved corporate communications.

Banks have so many products and services to offer customers and it's very important to inform customers about the products and services they offer. In the past banks relied on printed media to share information with customers but things are changing. Digital media is far more dynamic and visually engaging than print, making it an effective communication channel, with a captured target audience at your fingertips.

Informing customers is not the only service digital signage provides, it also keeps customers entertained while standing in a queue and by reducing 'perceived' waiting time improves the overall customer experience. Majority of customers waiting in line often get bored and with no distraction this can easily turn into dissatisfied or irritable customers.

Digital imaging has untied our hands with regards to technical limitations. We no longer have to be arbiters of technology; we get to participate in the interpretation of technology into creative content.

John Dykstra
6 Feb 2013 11:26


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