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Since 1995 Global Access has specialized in providing public and private institutions with a comprehensive suite of digital signage and telecommunications services.

Our products are effectively designed for immediate communication with clients, customers, staff and other stakeholders.


Global Access

SA's number one media solutions provider
The media industry is rapidly evolving, spurred on by radical new technologies that are changing not only how businesses construct their stakeholder and customer communications, but also how they deliver it.

So it makes sense that the ideal media partner would be rooted in technology.

That's exactly what Global Access is: a cutting-edge technology-based media company that is a leader in the South African marketplace.

Global Access is currently the only company in South Africa capable of providing a complete end-to-end media solution, from private broadcasting on the DStv platform, web streaming and IPTV to digital signage and queue management services, all supported by a full, in-house creative agency and extensive studio facilities.

This enables businesses to use just one supplier to deliver on all their media needs, no matter the nature or extent of their marketing and communication strategies.

This increases efficiencies and decreases costs.

A solid foundation

Established in 1995, Global Access (then Africa Growth Network/AGN) was born out of the amalgamation of South Africa's then four major banking brands into one consolidated bank - Absa.

The new financial powerhouse needed a platform for internal communication, brand alignment and training, and so secured a private satellite TV channel on DStv.

The channel was operated independently for many years, before being sold to the then JSE-listed Sasani Group. At that point it was used as multi-customer platform, offering private broadcasting services to a range of clients.

Soon afterwards broadcasting veteran and M-Net founder, Ronnie van Wijk, bought the company and the channel. Under his stewardship the company flourished. Innovation was at the heart of the business, and the company's portfolio was expanded to include new technologies such as digital signage.

Today Global Access is headed up by former company director, Brad Willson, and comprises two highly competitive business units: television broadcasting and digital signage networks.

Complete end-to-end media solutions

Across these two business units, Global Access offers six core functions, covering the full spectrum of media products and services.

This allows the company to package its services into customised media solutions that meet its discerning clients' specific needs.

These functions and their related services include:

TV broadcasting
  • Airtime: Channel GA901, the Global Access DStv channel available for B2B hire for private broadcasting to invited audiences
  • Web streaming: live content distribution to anywhere in the world via the internet on all desktop and mobile devices
  • Video to mobile: the distribution of video content to mobile phones
  • Call centre: a fully-fledged support team providing technical assistance and back-up for clients using the company's broadcast facilities
  • Studios: four fully equipped and HD-capable air-conditioned and soundproof studios with their own lighting grid and lights with regular access to large audiences. Each studio has its own green room, makeup room, crew rooms, drawback area and production offices, and comes with full engineering support (crew can be provided as required)
  • Mobile studios: large outside broadcast vans for broadcasting large-scale events (live footage can also be broadcast to any other outside broadcaster)
  • Location filming: a multi-camera high end fly away kit for location shoots from offices and other external sites
Creative agency
  • Producers: a full range of production services, from conceptualisation and storyboards to scripting, quoting, asset acquisition, art direction and producing (in studio, flyaway/outside broadcast or single camera)
  • Post-production: 2D and 3D graphics and animation; online and offline editing; final mix including voice over recordings
Digital signage networks
  • Signage products
  • Dynamic digital signage: the seamless combination of digital signage delivery with multimedia files, RSS feeds, animated graphics content, live television (or live broadcasts from any location)
  • Standard digital signage: LCD/LED digital screen playing a single piece of content without the screen being spilt into segments
  • Video on demand: allows for long form, video-rich content to be downloaded to a media player, with the user viewing the content on an 'on demand basis'
  • Interactive touchscreens: a specialised touch-activated computer terminal that enables users to personally interact with various information, application, communication, commerce, entertainment and educational services
Queue management
  • Intelligent queuing: digital screen regulating customer queuing and providing customer-oriented educational information that can be used as a single system or as a networked solution, managing hundreds of service centres
  • AutoQ: a 'personalised' queue management system that issues tickets to queuing customers based on the transaction or service required. The upfront identification of customers' needs optimises branch/store management
IPTV (internet protocol TV)
  • As a Multichoice accredited IPTV systems integrator we are legally allowed to distribute DStv and other content via IPTV. This can be integrated into existing digital signage platforms and existing IT structures, allowing for the distribution of digital signage, video on demand, satellite television, radio, DVD and web content throughout specific venues. All this multimedia content can be viewed on standard and high definition TVs as well as PCs, desktops, smart phones and tablets.
These media solutions are delivered by a highly skilled team of top technical and creative talent with many years' industry experience. Being leaders in their fields has enabled Global Access to remain a leader in its field.

No other company in South Africa is able to package the same extent of media solutions as Global Access; the company is a pioneer in its sector, visionary in its quest and at the leading edge of the latest media technological developments.

SA's number one media solutions provider

With Brad Willson assuming leadership of Global Access has come a new vision for the company: to be SA's no.1 media solutions provider.

Competitive, focused and highly driven, Willson aims to achieve this by ensuring that as a technology-based business Global Access is always looking ahead to the latest trends to ensure it remains relevant and competitive with best-in-class products and solutions, and by working closely with its customers as their partners, not just a service provider, to better understand and support their communication, services and media strategies.

The world is changing at breakneck speed and technology is taking centre stage. Businesses are embracing technology like never before, and Global Access is perfectly positioned to be at the forefront of that evolution.

Why Global Access?

Global Access is a true media partner, committed to working closely with its clients to holistically understand their businesses, their business objectives, and how their content strategies support this, from conceptualisation to execution.

Global Access has its finger firmly on the pulse of the media market, allowing it to successfully anticipate market need.

Global Access is constantly evolving. Based on client and market demand, new products and services are added to its repertoire - bought in from trusted brands or developed in-house as cutting-edge new technologies for client use.

Global Access understands their customer's business requirements and objectives not only from a technology perspective but from a business perspective to. This enables Global Access to provide the best possible solutions to their customers and evolve the technology and solution together with the business' growth and change.

Global Access has been built around and remains true to the spirit of innovation.

24 Jun 2015 12:31


About company

Global Access established in 1995 is a leader in Digital Signage, Broadcast Television, Queue Management and IPtv.

087 094 5050, Broadcast House, 169 - 171 Fox Street, 2001, Johannesburg,South Africa.

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