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A rhino, an airport, and the Googenheimerschlotter Hospital

What do these three things have in common? All three were part of the months activities at Global Access, and all three saw the creative agency go mad with excitement and fun. The preservation of rhino's in South Africa is very dear to Global Access's heart, and in the past we have helped numerous clients to show-case their involvement in the rhino cause. So when the project came through to document the tagging of rhino's in one of South Africa's most prestigious game parks, we leapt at the opportunity. The team took with them an array of technology to help them capture the historic moment.
A rhino, an airport, and the Googenheimerschlotter Hospital
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From helicopter shots, to vehicle tracking shots, the two-day event was covered in Global Access style - beautifully and in full HD. The rhinos were tagged, and it is hoped will make a significant contribution to helping prevent future poaching the data gathered from their tracking units. Our client - the world renown Dimension Data - had this to say:

"Just a quick update on the event - your guys were absolutely fantastic. They ran around getting all angles and I'm very excited to see what they come up with. Even hanging out of cars and helicopters at some stage in the name of the shot."

Pretty awesome to see the rhino's out in the wild. Which brings us to the airport and the fictitious hospital of Googenheimerschlotter...

Training is at the core a difficult subject. How to get your employees to want to be trained can sometimes prove a daunting task. Global Access's approach is to make the employee want to watch, and want to share any training session that we make. To this end our creative team pulled out all the stops and turned a lecture on the benefits of a credit card for one of South Africa's major retailers - into a 13 part comedy series. To bring the comedy to life the team travelled from Roodepoort to Tembisa, from Tembisa to the land of make-believe by installing massive green-screen sets into the clients atrium to turn it from a banking atrium into an international airport.

The computer graphics needed to finish the illusion involved building a fictitious airport, and landing a plane in the background. The series will be released to staff over the course a few weeks, and stars some top acting names: Marjorie Langa from Scandal, David De Beer from Black Sails, to name a few. Everything was recorded in uncompressed HD on our latest camera's. Music was specifically composed for the pieces, adding a local and very lekker component to them. Once again some of the top dancers in the 'freestyle' category in South Africa were brought on board to bring to life a choreographed dance sequence needed for one of the videos.

Oh and Googenheimerschlotter was the name given to a fictitious hospital in Europe... one you wouldn't want to visit without your platinum credit card...

15 Jul 2014 10:28


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